Kairosoft has a lot of simulation games, with one to cover practically any theme you can think of, but over on Android they've got something kind of different brewing. It's called Beastie Bay, and it interjects your typical Kairosoft building and management sim with a healthy dose of monster battling and collecting, a la Pokemon. After washing up on a deserted island (perhaps after a World Cruise Story mishap?) you'll need to battle it out against the island's not-so-friendly inhabitants, and at the same time build up a town on the island for other castaways to live in.

It sounds like a pretty interesting mix of gameplay, especially coming from the masters at Kairosoft. Another interesting tidbit is that Beastie Bay is actually free to download and play, supported with in-game advertisements. You can pay $3.99 to remove the ads, and there's some other IAP type of stuff in the town you build that you'll be able to throw your real life money at if you wish, though it doesn't look to be required.

All that's left now is for Beastie Bay to hop over from Android and onto iOS, which is something that hasn't been announced but given Kairosoft's history it's entirely within the realm of possibility. The gamers in our forums are eager to see it too, and we'll let you know if we catch wind of an iOS release of Beastie Bay heading our way.


  • RushNY

    NO!  I got so excited when I saw this, I thought it had finally come to iOS.  I'm so sad now...my day is ruined.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Albert-Lee/823721 Albert Lee

      Me too

  • http://twitter.com/Turkeydipking Jacek Mackiewicz

    Holy crap! Pokemon done by Kairosoft! :'D
    .... IAP. Wut? Why? ,_,
    So yeah that sums up my feels for this...

  • Himmat Singh

    Finally some Android news on TouchArcade 😉

  • http://twitter.com/Cassebart Casper Møller

    Should we expect IAP for the iOS version? Many paid iOS apps are free on Android with ad support. I just hope they remove IAP from the iOS version.

    • switchit

      If the price is the same for removing ads and hypothetically full game, then why care?

      Pirating games on android is super easy so using this business model could be to get some money, by ads, rather than no money, by people pirating it instead.

      Edit: Rødgrød med fløde

  • nicodemus82

    The next iOS release for Kairosoft is Pocket Clothier.

  • Deixa

    I ain't getting anymore pokeclones. I'm waiting for Micromon cause that looks to be a perfect clone

    • NeonVoidJP

      My thoughts exactly! 😀

  • Firetruck94

    Now it looks like mika mobile is the only developer that dosent do iAPs *cries*

    • nicodemus82

      All the IAP's are completely optional in this. I've already played through the game and only ever purchased the "remove adds" and that wasn't even necessary. I just hate adds in my games.

      • Ivan Peterson

        I might be missing something, I don't even know how to purchase anything, so far as I can tell I got a completely free game(I'd also pay for ad removal), given that I've bought most of the other games and downloaded demos of the ones I have not bought, so, help me, how do I pay them for this game? lol

  • Ken Lee

    Pocket Clothier is already out in Japan.
    And this game reminds me more of Dragon Quest Monsters than Pokemon.
    1) The wagon.
    2) 3v3
    3) Monster design (although still quite Kairosoft)
    As for the town building part, how about Rune Factory? Making monsters work as farmers?

  • mden2013

    Eagerly awaiting both this and Pocket Clothier. Any news on a US release date? Should be soon, as it's on the JP store fully translated.

  • ducksFANjason

    SHUT UP AND EMPTY MY BANK ACCOUNT!! ...if you bring it to IOS...

  • ImJPaul

    What?! Why does android have something cool that we don't have? That NEVER happens. They just get a bunch of garbage and then our leftovers. Not cool Kairosoft.

  • drloony

    What about Kariobotic? That game looks so cool and I been waiting for it to hit iOS, not Pocket Clothier, or this poke-game, not my thing. bummer 🙁

  • cinyc

    O' mysterious Kairosoft.. Slow as you are with the releases.. Can't you just hure abit more people, and release everything on both OS at the same time??? I believe alot of people on both sides are as addicted as me to your games as hobos are on crack.. Our wallet is yours..

  • ricky_salamander77

    How can i move buildings in this game? help please