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Kairosoft’s Next iOS Game Will Likely Be ‘World Cruise Story’

Kairosoft, the masters of all things simulation, have unleashed another game onto the Android Marketplace. For quite some time now the company has had a fairly predictable release cycle of things appearing on Android, then slowly making their way to the App Store. We saw it happen with Grand Prix Story [99¢], and many of their other games. World Cruise Story seems to be on deck for an iOS release, and as the title hints, puts you in charge of managing a cruise ship.

Players will be able to customize the actual ships themselves, with new amenities for your guests including rooms to stay in, restaurants, to eat at, and all the other things you’d expect on a typical ship. The size of your ship can be upgraded as well, and unlocking new destinations to sail to involves courting royalty.

It sounds like a crazy cross between Mega Mall Story [$1.99] and Hot Springs Story $4.99] with a nautical twist thrown in. As far as when the game will hit, that’s anyone’s guess. I’ve got my bets on sometime early next month.

[via Kairospot]