Maybe Jordan Mechner's new Karateka is coming to iPad and iPhone. Maybe it isn't. The recent ESRB listing for the fighting game seems to suggest it will, so we thought we'd share a few images of what the game looks on Xbox Live Arcade, a platform that Karetka is definitely, for-sure coming to later this November.

What we've got included below are from the official Xbox web site. According to the game's blurb, Karateka will revolve around players fighting dudes in order to save "the lovely Mariko" from "the evil warlord Akuma."

Actual, meaningful details on the game's mechanics are sadly missing, but you can draw some conclusions from these images:

New Karateka looks neat, and visually do-able on iPad and iPhone. The art, by the way, is by Jeff Matsuda of Batman: The Animated Series fame.

We'll let you know when we can get confirmation either way on the game's mobile release. Fingers crossed. This thing could be rad.

[via MTV Multiplayer]

  • Greyskull

    Looks like Virtua Fighter, not the Karateka I remember.

  • ImJPaul

    November/December are going to be such good months for iOS gaming. I only hope they release some stuff to tie us over until then.

  • JJE

    That's not Karateka. That is a generic fighter gussied up with some jazzy graphic resources and given the name of a well known IP.

  • Artfoundry

    They better include the original. As dated as it may be, that game was a work of art. And while these new graphics are nice, it's just not the same.

  • GSJ1977

    Nice shots.

  • Gamer_Kev

    I still remember first the I saw Karratika. My brother had come over to show me this amazing new game he had had bought. At the time, we both had Atari 800XLs, so that was the first machine I saw it on. At that time there was nothing like it and sadly, those picture look nothing like it. I was hoping for something a little more faithful to the original's in the remake. But we'll have to see how I plays as pictures can be misleading.

  • sanderbos

    Can't wait to kick Mariko's ass!

  • 1Fcm

    Looks nothing like the original... but I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and hope they at least get the original premise correct. I assume Akuma and Mariko will be in it?

  • 1Fcm

    Wish they would remake Conan:Hall of Volta 🙁

  • jin choung

    but i wanted to kick an eagle.

  • NPeart

    Looks like Donkey Kong Jungle Beat.

  • Eugene Masharov

    Karateka on Atari XL/XE is much better and serious, than this "remake"...  Hate stupid "kung-fu panda" or 'mulan" style of art... It is NOT Karateka.