Point-and-click adventure fans on iOS should be intimately familiar with Revolution Software. Their 1994 adventure Beneath a Steel Sky was considered one of the best in the genre, and received a fantastic iOS port back in October of 2009 titled Beneath a Steel Sky: Remastered [$2.99]. In 2010, they released two more of their critically acclaimed hits to iOS with Broken Sword: The Director’s Cut [$4.99 / $3.99 (HD)] and its sequel Broken Sword: The Smoking Mirror Remastered [$4.99], both of which shined on the touch screen.

Well, Revolution just got finished securing funding through Kickstarter for a brand new Broken Sword entry, subtitled The Serpent’s Curse, which should be hitting lots of platforms including iOS in early-to-mid 2013. However, once they hit their original $400,000 goal, they set up some stretch goals for any extra money that might be coming in. The big one was if they hit $1 million they would begin on a sequel to Beneath a Steel Sky, something fans had been clamoring for for almost 20 years. The final tally didn't quite make it though, coming in at just over $800,000.

Don’t get sad just yet though, as according to Develop Revolution was so impressed with the enthusiasm over a Beneath a Steel Sky sequel that even though they didn’t quite hit a million they’re going to start on the game anyway, just as soon as Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse is finished and shipped, that is. No other details have been announced other than “it’s a thing that is coming”, but we’ll definitely keep our ears open for more on both Beneath a Steel Sky 2 and Broken Sword: The Serpent’s Curse as the continue on in development.


  • ImJPaul

    So awesome of them to reward there loyal fans even though they didn't quite hit the mark. More developers should be like this. Then again a lot of developers don't get handed $800,000 by their fans BEFORE their game is released. Oh the future holds great things.

  • LA4k

    one of my favorite adventures of all time! hell yeah! great news

  • Lomyr

    Didn't even know about the Broken Sword sequel. Man, that has made my day!

  • nicodemus82

    Seriously can't wait. The Broken Sword games are easily my fave point & click games of all time and Beneath A Steel Sky is a really awesome one too. Very excited!

  • http://twitter.com/CaponeTalks CaponeTalks

    OMG! It probably doesn't get any better than that. A new Broken Sword, and a new BASS... awesome! 🙂

    • MartianLM

      BASS is on the App Store!? Excuse me I'll be back in a minute...