This week on the TouchArcade Show, we push through conversations about our wardrobe, Eli's new knife, and other stupid stuff in order to bring you the latest, greatest, and best in iPad and iPhone gaming. At the top of the podcast, we drop some thoughts on White Whale's imaginative hack-and-slash God of Blades. Later, we discuss Fieldrunners 2 HD and the "pricing controversy," touching on expectations and the cost of games development.

And, of course, during the second segment, we talk about the new iPhone 5 and iPod touch -- what the new screen size means for games, how both devices feel, and what we think about them, overall, as gaming devices.

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  • Tuff Tiger


  • Chris K

    Ugh.  So you guys belittle your community about their feelings on Fieldrunners in your "TA Plays" segment, read reactions, and then rather than apologize for being insulting, belittle them AGAIN?

    The fact that you're complaining about people complaining instead of just being quiet is ironic, and should give you pause.  But you're also being very condescending.  How much I value a dollar isn't the issue here at all.  The issue is that you insulted a bunch of people, and a couple days later turned around and did it again, as if to rub it in.

    I feel that when you're the one with the microphone there's a responsibility to be the adult in the room, to keep the discussion from devolving.  But you guys didn't do that; you've taken every opportunity to snipe at the community from your soapbox.  It's disappointing.

    I've always enjoyed your guys' site and segments, but your contempt for this community you've fostered leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I really can't listen to you guys anymore.  I couldn't care less about the cost of Fieldrunners.  I just won't listen to someone who insults me.  The real bummer is, your forums are great and your site has lots of useful information on iOS games.  It would be a lot easier to bail on TouchArcade (and I wouldn't have bothered writing this) if it weren't a nice site.

    • iqSoup

      I don't think TA has contempt for their own community--just contempt for the attitude (that is VERY pervasive) out there that all games should be utterly amazing in every way and yet should cost users nothing--or at least next to nothing (certainly less than a candy bar or a can of pop).  I'm glad TA gets it and understands that games take an extraordinary amount of time, effort, and often lots of money to create.  I'm glad they call out the price babies who whine whenever any developer tries to make money off of their product.  The attitude that developers owe gamers an entertaining well-polished video game for free (or at the VERY most 99 cents) is damaging to the entire mobile gaming industry.  It is the reason so many games are so full of IAP that they are next to unplayable--its the only way many developers feel like they can make a buck off their product.  Expect great games to have realistic price tags or you're just going to end up with an app store full of crap.  Again I'm glad TA calls out all the whiners out there and pushes for a better attitude among the mobile gaming community.

    • GSJ1977

      People listen to this stuff to hear these guys speak. If they just say what the TA community says they should say, well who wants to listen to that? They should be themselves and say what THEY think, even if in Eli's case that means being immature sarcastic twat.

      • Chris K

        I don't expect anyone to shape their opinion to fit what people want to hear.  I just want people to be civil.  Like GiHubb said, there are enough flamers on the Internet.  It's one thing for anonymous readers to be jerks, but when the authors of the site stoop to insults it validate the behavior.

        Think of the sites that you won't read because the writers are complete jerks.  Gizmodo springs to mind for me.  You'll find the entire community mirrors that sarcastic, cynical, biting, immature "personality."  Contrast that with a well-run site with mature authors (Ars Technica springs to mind) and it should be no surprise that the culture of the community is much more courteous and friendly.

        To iqSoup, I have no problem with Subatomic charging what they want for their game.  Personally, I won't buy it because it's too much money for a game I already bought on the iPhone.  But that's my own opinion.  Many others obviously find it's a reasonable price.

        What I disagree with you on is, the TA guys aren't calling out whiners.  They're belittling people who simply have a different opinion about the price of the game.  You can't just write of someone who has a different opinion than you as a whiner or just "wrong" in general.  Well, I guess you CAN, but that's the problem we have in general with public discourse these days.  People don't understand the difference between someone stating their opinion (in which any statement is valid) and asserting a fact (in which there is generally only one right answer).

        The TA guys belittled everyone who thinks the game costs too much, and after "cooling off", came back to do it again in this podcast.  I don't like to shake my finger at people, but that's disrespectful and immature, and I don't want to spend my free time listening to someone who thinks they're the smartest person in the room.  I get paid good money to do that at work, but nobody's paying me to read TouchArcade.  So unless the writers here have a change of heart and start treating their community with respect, I have to take my eyeballs elsewhere.

      • GSJ1977

        Yeah, I do very much agree that the personality of the hosts/authors/etc of a site tends to shape/determine the overall "feel" of the site's community.

  • GiHubb

    Nice that you referred to my comment on the show, but you failed to understand what I was saying which was: (a) treat your most prolific forum members with some respect, especially the ones making heaps of contributions; (b) I didn't say the right price was $6, I gave an example that if the game sold twice as many units for a lower price such as $6 then the math of units sold x price = more profit for the devs. From that the best price could be $1, $15, $60, $8, whatever. Looking at the sales chart, Fieldrunners 2 HD seems to be selling well so the devs might have hit the most profitable price point for them.
    Anyway, try to read and understand what you read in the future. And stop with that condescending know-it-all tone, there are enough flamers on the Internet.

    • Klas Segeljakt

      Eli needs to mature.

  • Chris

    I spent 5 bucks on triggerfist when it came out and was actually really happy to do so, I'm hating iap and felt that paying a decent price for a game would insure quality in both the game and community. No one bought it, the developer scrambled to keep the game alive and 2 weeks later, it goes free..

    Being in the top 100 players (not purchasing any iap), yet being seemingly low in player xp at # 60,000ish, I can tell you, a lot of people purchased guns... A lot.

    I don't know what the answer is, but I'd guess trigger fist 2 will be free and you'll have to buy everything in app down to the bullets.

  • Klas Segeljakt

    Good things about iPhone 5: Quad-core processor, 1GB RAM

    Bad things: Stupid resolution, the back looks ugly

    • Unfrozen

      Check out Macrumors recent post about the processor, although Apple has been silent on the matter it may indeed be a dual core custom chip.

      I was originally hoping for ARM A15 for the chip but an unique chip from Apple for the best performance for iOS devices is better than an one-size-fits-all chip.

      And the back doesn't look as cool from last gen but I will enjoy it being able to take a drop better.