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TA Plays: ‘God of Blades’ – An Inspired Side-Scrolling Hack-and-Slash Game

Earlier this afternoon, Eli and I spent some actual hands-on time with God of Blades, a 2D side-scrolling hack-and-slash game with some amazing artistry and world-building. In it, you play as a nameless king tasked with saving a delightfully bent, unusual fantasy world from a doom cult.

Developer White Whale Games says God of Blades is inspired by a mix of pulp fantasy and 1970s “synth-prog-landscape oddities," and you can tell. It’s got an out-of-this-world art style and captures that weird “Are ‘Friends’ Electric" synth-pop vibe so well.

God of Blades is scheduled to hit “soon" still across iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. We will have more on these specific details in the coming days.