Here's a bummer to start your weekend with: Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition has seen a slight delay. In an open letter posted on the game's official message board, Overhaul Games president Trent Oster says that the re-worked, HD version of the title will not hit in September as was planned. Instead, it'll ship on November 30.

"After recently reviewing the game and then consulting with our partners," Oster says in the post, "we've decided to ensure that Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition is the best possible product on launch. Thus, we have pushed back the release date of the game." He adds that new characters and new story are being added, too.

We've spent some time with a pre-release iPad build of Enhanced Edition and shared some thoughts on its usability on our podcast last week. While we're bummed this is happening, the silver lining is that Overhaul is obviously concerned with polish. That's cool, and a win for everyone.

[via IGN]

  • Gord Lacey

    In the age of "release it, then patch it," this is welcome news. I've never played the game before, and was looking forward to picking it up, and now I have to look forward to picking up a more polished game. Good news, if you ask me.

    • MrAlbum

      True, but it is sad and weepy to have to wait two more months to play the game. At least they said why they were delaying the game; it's good to keep fans in the loop, and I'm curious about that extra content ^_^

    • MrNagasaki

      But then what's the point in setting a release date for the finished product and hyping it up, only to delay it further? The fact is, they set a release date and the couldn't meet it.

      • Mike

        'Cause it looked like they could make it when they announced the game (and let's be clear, announcing a game ahead of time is a necessity, especially a bigger budget game like this) and when the deadline loomed something unexpected held them back. I guarantee you they're not happy about this bit, but it comes with the territory of being a small indie development house. 

        Besides, unless you pre-ordered and already handed them your money, what they hell do you care? It doesn't put you out one bit other than a little mild disappointment perhaps, which any reasonable adult would know is part of life. You really going to act all insulted because an ipad game had a delay?

      • iqSoup

        Its extremely hard to accurately plan a timetable for development.  When making a game there are so many unexpected challenges you might stumble across.  I don't think the average gamer really understands just how much work goes into making even the simplest game.  And sometimes its only when the game is nearing completion do large bugs/problems manifest themselves.  Sometimes you have to go back and entirely rework game elements that you thought were working perfectly.  I say good for them for putting quality ahead of hitting what is in truth just an arbitrary date.

    • Brian Benner

       Hey Gord, why not get the original game from GOG? That version is made to work on more modern Windows systems, I believe.

  • Deamon34

    I'll say it... WTF?

  • ducksFANjason

    Fantastic choice by them to release a stable product AND to keep eager fans in the loop. I can't be mad about this at all. I'll just play Avadon now since I'd been holding off in hopes of Baldur being released soon. Oh well, Avadon will fill the void nicely until then

    • ImJPaul

      If only Epic and Logan + Camoflag would learn from this.

  • Wikilix

    Good For them, this is a professional company.
    Independent iOS developers should take note and polish and fix their games before releasing a train reck.

    • g0omba

      Amen. Look at Skyrim for PS3- it works, however, Bethesda admittedly released it with bugs and the intention of patching it. Guess what?! The game is STILL messed up and can't really be fixed.

  • presto77

    Sad to hear it but if it means it will be a stronger game then I can swallow it. Just means I'll need to shift my focus onto a few other games in the meantime.

  • Aaron Marroquin

    Oh no! I hope they didn't halt to add IAP to the game!

    • DecafTable

      Don't give them any ideas 😛

    • Jason Maxwell

      IAP is already in.  iOS version will cost $10 with 3 IAP's that will bring it up to $20 if you buy them all.  PC/Mac version will cost $20 but will have all the IAP pieces included in that price.

      • expresident

        I'm actually fine with that if the overall quality is the same. $20 is $20 no matter how I spent it, so if it's equal I'm on board.

      • ducksFANjason

        What exactly are the IAPs? This is news to me so I'm really curious.

      • Jason Maxwell

        Well I hate to respond to a Ducks fan (Go Dawgs!) but here you go. 😉  There are 3 new side quests that are unlocked with IAPs, 2 of which include a new NPC IIRC.  The original game is only $10 but if you want the new development you'll need to have the IAPs.

        Reportedly every platform is supposed to be the same game so quality should be maintained.

  • famousringo

    Nothing wrecks an app's prospects like a botched launch. Sad I'll have to wait, but they made the right decision.

  • bramblett05

    It's only for iPad so I could care less.

    • Onikage725

      If you think the amount of management in this game is suited to a phone...

    • Artfoundry

      Actually the forum announcement indicated it was all versions.

      Definitely bummed about this, but if it ensures a great product, then it's the right thing to do.

      • Bytebrain

        It's only released for the iPad. All versions of the iPad.
        It won't ever be released for the iPhone, or any other phone.

      • Maniacfive

        There are two platforms called PC and Mac that also exist. All versions are delayed.

      • Bytebrain

        Sorry, misunderstood your post. 🙂

      • Potetball

        They sure do say "bye bye" to where the money is, if they don`t release it on phones.. The hardware now is at least as solid as the PC-type so many years ago.

        I guess they don`t like money much..

  • Faeryan

    Really really hoping this and some other would ve released on a bigger screen iPhone5 and not only on iPad.

    • Bytebrain

      That won't happen.
      This game could never, ever work on a phone.
      Believe me.

      • Faeryan

        I was thinking that since this game has been in the making fir so long it would run on iPad 2 that has nearly the same resolution with iPhone 5. Granted the pixels are smaller on the iPhone but still I don't think it'd be overly hard to see things.

        I used to play the original Baldur's Gate on really horrible resolution and sure it was a bit hard, but pauskng the game and scrolling was so easy that it wouldn't hinder my gameolay at all, only cost more time to see stuff outside te screen.

      • Faeryan

        Really love these old school RPG's and want to support them as much as I can in hopes of getting new ones to be released.

        Not going to buy iPad as the phone will suffice for me but I'm pretty sure this will see the light in Mac OSX AppStore as well so I can at least play on my laptop (still, I'd rather have the iPhone version cause I'm using my phone a lot more even at home than my laptop)

  • Psiufoxx

    I can wait. I've only got 284746383 games to finish before nov 30.

  • C_Sancho90

    I'm both happy and saddened by this... Oh well, time for the 987th Infinity Blade II round.

  • Darkmain

    Let's hope that they don't fall into the trap the Blizzard did with Diablo 3.
    They kept 'polishing' the game and ended up making it worse (they forgot you CAN'T please everyone) and some of the newer patches have actually taken the game back to where it was PRE beta.

    I guess when you're cloning a game there is less chance of that though.

    • Bytebrain

      They aren't "cloning" the game.
      It's the original game they're working on, patching hundreds of bugs and refining gameplay to suit modern computers and OS.

      Also they're adding some additional content and modernising the GUI and port the game to iPad and Android tablets.

      • Darkmain

        Oops. Wrote that late last night. I meant 'porting' the game.

      • Bytebrain

        Ahh. 🙂