This past February, Omni Systems released an iPad version of their award-winning real-time strategy title Eufloria HD [$4.99]. We enjoyed it quite a bit in our review, with our chief complaint being that it could have long stretches of just watching what’s happening as opposed to interacting. That turned out to be not such a bad thing though, since the game was so visually interesting you really didn’t mind just taking in the scenery from time to time.

If you’re among those who really dug Eufloria HD, then this latest update should be quite pleasing. First off, the iPad version has been updated to be Universal so you can kill trees on the smaller screen of the iPhone. There’s also a new iPhone-only version called just Eufloria [$2.99] that’s a bit cheaper and cuts some of the ambient music tracks in order to save space. If you don’t own an iPad and efficiency is your middle name, that version is for you.

Other enhancements include the ability to save games in mid-progress, iCloud and Retina iPad support, and overall speed improvements. There are also some bug fixes and other balancing tweaks that you can check out in full in the App Store description. If you're a current happy owner of Eufloria then go check out this new update, and if you aren't then definitely give it a look if you dig unique strategy titles.

  • ImJPaul

    Picked it up last night for my new iPad and I fell asleep to it. Idk if it was that or Ravens destroying Jacksonville but I slept like a baby.

  • nao

    I don't know why but this game just doesn't have that lasting appeal

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    Can't be the only person who thinks this looks like a sex ed game.

  • DecafTable

    I just watched the trailer and I'm still trying to figure out what the hell I just saw.

    • soggy

      Even so, it was a superb recording of The Four Seasons. The solo violin sounded really nice.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Looks very zen.  Not sure what gameplay is like?  Anyone?