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A ‘Ninja Gaiden’ Mobile Game is In the Works

One game series I have always loved is Ninja Gaiden. From the brutally difficult original NES trilogy to the even more brutally difficult 2004 Xbox revival, I love me some Ryu Hayabusa action. And if you told me I could get some Ninja Gaiden on my iPhone, well I’d pretty much buy whatever Tecmo Koei put in front of me.

It looks like there’s a glimmer of hope in that dream, as Siliconera has learned that Japan is getting a Ninja Gaiden title on the Mobage platform. It’ll take advantage of swipe and tap gestures for combat, but will also have a card-based mechanic going on. Hey, it worked for the brilliant Metal Gear Acid series (ahem, how about bringing those over to iOS, eh Konami?) so my curiosity is definitely piqued for this.

Unfortunately, that’s really all that’s known about the mysterious title so far, whose roughly translated Japanese name means Ninja Gaiden for One Million. We’ll definitely be anxious to see what it’s like when it hits Japan, and keep our fingers crossed for a US release of some kind. Until then check out the original source for character card artwork from the game.

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