Double surprise! A new Kairosoft simulation game is available on the App Store. Oh, and it's also Universal, a feature that no Kairosoft game has launched with yet.

Cafeteria Nipponica [$4.99], as it's called, is a restaurant management game that tasks you with the role of chef, business dude, and floor manager as you flip a cafeteria from nothing to something. Along the way, you'll level up your underlings, discover new recipes, and do all the normal Kairosoft slow-burn "discovery" kind of stuff.

This latest release certainly doesn't appear to be breaking any molds from a structural or mechanical point of view, but we're sillily excited about diving into another Kairosoft game. It's been awhile, and hey, Universal support is cool, too.

[thanks, @WakeBoardMan10!]

  • Vince

    Pretty sure they updated Dungeon Village to universal last week too. Perhaps the other games and their new games will follow suit! But to be honest..I don't see a difference between using the 2x mode and their universal update. The black borders are still there!

  • Kevin Roberts

    I've been curious about the Kairosoft games and been wanting to try them. The reason I haven't is because in the pictures I've seen of the games, they do graphically bare resemblence to some of the freemium titles I've seen. Are these full games that can be played without mandatory IAPs, or are they paymium titles? I have no interest in paying for freemium like games but if they are full games, I'd definitely would like to get some of them. Thanks.

    • MrAlbum

      Every single one of Kairosoft's titles are sans IAP. They are all straight up Sims-style simulation, with their own quirks and originality. If you enjoy freemium titles, but hate IAP, Kairosoft games will feel like the Fountain of Youth.

      I speak as a big fan of their games, so I probably over-exaggerated their qualities XD But you don't have to worry about IAP.

      Just be prepared to wanting to spend every waking moment on their games >_> They are that addicting, lol ^_^

      • ducksFANjason

        I don't remember anything from playing Game Dev Story for the first time -- it's all just a big black haze. Probably due to my refusal to do anything that didn't involve playing that game. I swear Kairo's games are pure crack.

      • Kevin Roberts

        Thanks to you both for the info. I'll definitely be checking these out.

    • Vince

      I don't think they similar to any freemium titles x_X. kairosoft games are not the brilliantly original ios games that everyone think they are...they are just ports of really old PC games(from early 1990s) don't worry about this freemium crap.

      • DCver3

        Actually the Kairo games were originally "feature" phone games that have been updated to "smart" phones.

      • Nicole Hunter

        Well they were on phones and on PC.

    • Gabriel.Voyager

      There are 10 kairosoft game for iOS and you didn't try no one? Neither the lite version of game dev?
      I'm really feel sorry for you 😉

  • bababewey

    Kairosoft games are the absolute antithesis to freemium crap. You pay for the game, then play and enjoy it.

  • NoahDavid

    Cafeteria what??

    • Adams Immersive

      Nippon = Japan, in Japanese. So, more or less: “Japanese Cafeteria"

  • b_money

    I don't really care about the Universal aspect, give me Game Center achievements!

  • JK1351

    Think that they will have a sale since its release?

    • Nicole Hunter

      No not for a while.  Kairosoft doesn't do sales that often.

      • Bob

        They all get discounted to $1.99 within a few months.

  • R Skse

    If this is anything like Adventure Bar Story, then im going to get hungry playing..

  • beeto456

    Dungeon Village is universal too. Really, no different from x2 but at least the text is clear and the sprites look sharper when zoomed out all the way, some part (like the starting screen) is still low-res and blurry. Not to mention black border!

    It seems like when they export with the engine they just casually tick on "Export Universal". Not much effort was made it make it different from the non-universal versions. 🙁

  • stormchild

    It's a bit of a stretch (quite literally, I think you'll find) to call this "universal". It's pretty much exactly like running the iPhone version of any app on an iPad, with the "2x" mode enabled.

    Anyway, it's a Kairosoft game, so I bought it immediately. I'll most likely just play it on my iPhone, though, since there's basically no benefit to running it on the iPad — and no sync either.

  • Benjamin Rodriguez

    yep no matter how repetitive, or seemingly similar that the game nearly looks and plays like all of the other kairosoft games, we all still come back for more. Crazy ain't it?