Something I learned on the internet today is that it's World Cat Day. I haven't bothered to do any sort of fact-checking to see if that's actually a real thing or not, but it's usually a pretty safe bet that if something is on the internet then it's 100% true. Right.

Anyway, as an outlet for releasing my months of pent up rage over Brad canceling the Jared's Kitty Korner segment on our podcast, I've decided to celebrate this holiday – possibly the most important holiday in the history of mankind - by listing off a bunch of cool cat games that you can get for your iOS device. Most of these are culled straight from that sorely-missed podcast segment, so you can feel safe that your purchase has been Kitty Korner approved.

Box Cat, $1.99 - This extremely retro-inspired game has you playing as a blocky, seemingly indestructible little cat gets his kicks by bashing into cars in busy intersections and causing massive pileups. The mechanics are simple, but the strategy runs pretty deep as you can increase your score by collecting special items and ramming into certain cars to cause huge combos.

Kitty Up, Free - The original Kitty Korner game. It's an endless runner sort of game but instead of running you'll need to keep your kitty airborne and bouncing along a string of different kinds of birds. The art style and music are fantastic, and like any good arcade game it fits nicely into a few spare moments or into hours on the couch chasing your high score down.

Techno Kitten Adventure, Free - What do you get when you take a basic cave flyer, throw in pumping techno music as the soundtrack and tons of oddball visuals that are there just to distract you while playing? You get the sensory overload known as Techno Kitten Adventure. It's bright, colorful, loud, and in your face, and that's why we love it.

Sushi Cat, $0.99 - Cats only seem to get more adorable the fatter they are, and Sushi Cat lets you feed your cat until he's proper plump and round. Drop him from the top of the screen and bounce down through each level Pachinko-style collecting the required quota of sushi bites along the way. All in an effort to fatten yourself up so you're more attractive to your girlfriend. I wish my real life worked like that.

Catculator, $0.99 - Ok, this isn't a game, but have you ever been out and about and suddenly found yourself needing to make some quick calculations? No? Well, have you ever imagined what it would be like if you found yourself in that situation? Also no? Well that's ok. Anyway, if you do whip out your phone in a moment of desperate number crunching forego that boring stock Apple calculator app and bust out your Catculator, which does the exact same thing but cats.

The Adventures of Timmy: Run Kitty Run, $1.99 - [Lite Version] [Review] - This is one of iOS's better platforming games, with great controls and a really dark and moody art style. You play as Timmy, a young boy who enjoys dressing in a cat costume. The school bully doesn't think that's very cool, though, and so snatches away Timmy's love interest and it's up to him to get it back. Luckily the cat costume gives him the confidence he needs to rise to the challenge (my real life cat costume does basically the opposite for me, sadly).

Meowch!, $0.99 - [Lite Version] - It's hard to come up with unique game mechanics, especially on the App Store, but Meowch does just that. You need to direct a kitty who is just hanging around on the windowsill of a building and get him down to the ground so he can hide behind a bush before the animal control van rolls by. The catch is you can only safely fall from a certain height, so you'll need to be careful finding the proper path from window to window until you make it down.

Kitten Sanctuary, $1.99 - [Lite Version] - [Review] - We've given plenty of props to Kitten Sanctuary since it came out earlier this year, and deservedly so. It managed to make a match-3 game that feels fresh, as you need to concentrate on matching certain tiles in order to stock up on special supplies. You can then use your supplies to take care of the kittens that you rescue by successfully completing each level.

 Kitten Jump: Christmas Surprise!, $0.99 - [Lite Version} - Another endless arcade game, but this one is vertical rather than horizontal, much like Doodle Jump. I've actually been a Kitten Jump fan for years, even before I worked here at TouchArcade. The developers released a big 2.0 update with new features and graphics not too long ago, but thankfully the original mode is still available for the old-school fans like myself.

Burger Cat, $2.99 - A little known fact about cats is that they are huge fans of hamburgers. Well, at least one is. Burger Cat is more of a puzzle game with light platforming elements where you need to place various objects appropriately throughout a level to clear a safe path to get Burger Cat from one end to the other. If you're successful, a juicy burger will be waiting for him at the finish line, briefly satisfying his intense craving until you manage to load up the next level.

Rainbow Tissue Cat, $0.99 - [Lite Version] - [Review] - Like Techno Kitten Adventure, this game takes pride in its sheer absurdity. You play as a tiny kitty grasping tightly onto a bouncy roll of tissue paper. The goal is to bounce around crashing into birds and collecting the stars they leave behind, while at the same time avoiding the hazardous bullets that will quickly bring your run to an end.

  • XyN
  • OneirosSD

    It's criminal that Robot Wants Kitty isn't mentioned in this news post.

    • Michael Chamberlain

      Seriously, RWK should definitely be included here. Such a great game...

    • h0llaback

      I thought the exact same thing, Robot Wants Kitty is the best.

      Also, Skycat and the Starchildren could have been included.

  • Tondog

    I'm still very upset over the kitty korner cancellation! Bring it back, Brad!

  • Greyskull

    What an insane cat game? I'm not sure if anyone else has heard of it, but try Catball Eats All. You play as a cat..a ball of a cat, more like a hair ball, and you have to eat random items until you grow big enough to eat the world on. You can jump, roll, and inflate yourself, but all directional movement is controlled by spinning the world (level) left and right. It's really different, has no advertisements or IAPS, and was made by a tiny team.

  • MrAlbum

    I know this might get me some sideways looks... but what about the Nyan Cat games?! Lost In Space and Jump are friggin' trippy. Ah well, it's just a list, ya can't catch everything in one go ^_^

    • Marley Listmann

      I thought the exact same thing! I play Nyan Cat: Lost in Space for HOURS!

  • Mr. Grizzly

    Don't forget Fatcat Rush.

  • Soul_of_Wit

    How about a cat-themed trivia game--and a very good one at that--MovieCat!

  • JohnT321 Arcadelife

    You should try "Bulba the Cat" - - or get the lite/free version if you're not convinced - It works a bit like the old Spectrum/C64 game "Bounder" but involves navigating 3D landscapes.

  • Gammabeam

    Don't forget "Smelly Cat: A Pet Love Story" (i made this game :D)

  • Tom Long

    In honor of world cat day, we are building a super fun game called Kitty Karaoke.  Check it out.

  • Rusty

    Box Cat +1
    Catculator +58008

  • Caren

    'Cat Physics' is pretty cool, too.

  • JesusBro

    you forgot meow meow happy fight