Hunters 2 [$1.99] is now a lot cheaper for a limited time. Creator Rodeo Games has flipped the sales switch, marking down its game from its usual $4.99 to a measly 99¢. It's notable that this is the first time Hunters 2 has ever received a price cut -- until now, it's been sitting at its introductory March pricing.

If you're unfamiliar, Hunters 2 is a turn-based strategy game featuring some really cool scenario and interface design. The game also boasts an obscenely long campaign, a deep weapon and armor upgrade system, and daily procedural missions. There's a lot of good content in this thing, in other words.

We've been playing Hunters 2 weekly since its release, and having spent dozens of hours with it, we're cool with recommending you pick it up -- especially at this price. Do it!

  • Aaron Fothergill

    This is a great game. grab it now!

  • ducksFANjason

    I'm in!! Wasn't even really on my radar but I'll bite for that price!

  • Flare_TM

    Great price, bought without hesitation

  • UnSurreal

    Also picked it up... great game.

  • Lee West

    Amazing game. Go buy it if you haven't. A huge improvement on the first one and it has never left my iPad.

  • FreakyZoid

    An obscenely long campaign? It's 8 missions, and one of those is the last boss fight.

  • gospvg

    Meh!! This should have been an update to the first game. Disappointing cash in by Rodeo Games. I'll pass.

  • jay401

    Held out for this sale because I know I'll be dropping some $ on IAP 🙂
    The upgrades and items system is definitely less intuitive than it was in the first one, but I don't mind learning. It's still got some of the charm and some cool new features. Bravo.

  • Jesse

    Does it have retina graphics on the iPad 3?

  • MCMisfit

    Whenever I attempt to load this game it kicks me back to the dashboard? Any ideas?