So... this week's episode of The TouchArcade Show is a little different. It's just Eli and me in an After Hours special that mostly revolves around EA's somewhat disappointing (at least for us, to be fair, it seemed fairly console-focused) Summer Showcase event. At the top of the show, we discuss the reveal of Real Racing 3, a video game with cars in it. After that, we dive into the new features of FIFA 13 and the next project from Bejeweled creator PopCap Games.

Jared was at this event on assignment, so he couldn't join us this week, but hopefully, you'll dig what we were able to put together without the Bearded One's soothing presence and awesome commentary.

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  • Christian Sepulveda

    i think its about time i play real racing, i'm supposed to be a hardcore racing fan, which is why it doesnt make much sense i havent tried the most discussed racing game for ios. I dont think RR3 will replace NFS, maybe NFS Shift (thats the racing sim franchise from EA btw). NFS essence is pickup and play arcade no brake badass exotic car drift and getaway type of game, RR3 doesnt seem to aim that.

    Come on, its not the weight of the ipad, its the size, which is not a problem, the "real" problem here is that jackets and coats don't have ipad sized pockets, but they do have ipad mini sized ones. i'm not fond of my "man purse", but its the only way that i've managed to carry my ipad around for when for some reason i need both my hands off it....

    i've had that weird cant buy/download from the appstore, not itunes tho, some commerce mismatch thing, logging off and buying again, providing id and pass again seems to work for a while.

    the show is awesome guys, i chew thru like 10 eps today, need a computer with itunes to download the rest of them i think, but i bought virtua tennis, so i ran out of money to afford this month internets... thank god for tethering, as slow as it might be... (true story) XD.


  • Noam Rathaus

    Wanted to say that I had issues getting the pod via the regular iPad method, and had to listen on it online as iTunes refused to download the pod cast, it would only stream it - not download it.