By now you should know that Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition, an improved remake of BioWare’s classic late ‘90s RPG, was announced as coming to the iPad back in March. Astute Baldur’s Gate fans, however, might have noticed a tweet from creative director on the project Trent Oster that not-so-subtly pointed towards a countdown timer on the website.

Well, the timer has finally expired, leading the way for a bunch of new information regarding the highly anticipated release. First up is a brand new adventure called The Black Pits which will let you create a party of up to 6 characters and fight your way through 15 different arena-style battles. There will be unique battle types and a host of new characters to encounter, and the developer pegs The Black Pits as clocking in at about 6 additional hours of playtime.

Three brand new characters will also be available in Baldur’s Gate: EE. Two of those characters, the Monk Rasaad yn Bashir and the half-elf Wild Mage Neera, will each come equipped with a new adventure to complete and a new area to explore. The third new character, the Blackguard Dorn Il-Khan, will come with the Blackguard kit for creating your own champion of evil.

The last bit of news covers all of the enhancements that qualify the new release as “Enhanced Edition.” These include improved multiplayer with matchmaking and cross-platform play, a slick new interface with special additions for touchscreen devices, brand new hand-painted cinematic cutscenes, features from Baldur’s Gate 2 like class kits and previously unavailable sub-races and classes, and more than 400 general performance and usability improvements over the original game.

Other nuggets of information have been dropped on Trent Oster’s twitter page as well. Apparently cross-platform saving isn’t something that will ship with Baldur’s Gate: EE but it’s in the works and they hope to implement it sometime down the road. Also, more new characters and adventures are planned as future updates to support the game post-release.

The iPad version is being handled a bit differently than the desktop versions as far as what you get with your purchase. On iPad the game will be priced at $9.99 and come with the new Black Pits adventure and the Monk Rasaad included. The other two new characters Neera and Dorn will be available as in-app purchases, presumably at $4.99 each, to bring the total package’s price in line with the desktop versions which run $19.99. The desktop versions include all content right from the start.

Finally, the most important question: When can we get our hands on Baldur’s Gate: Enhanced Edition? Well, if you’re on a Windows PC then you can nab it on September 18th, and it’s available for pre-order right now. iPad and Mac versions are slated as just “September” with no specific date, but should hopefully be right around the same time as the Windows launch. There is an Android version coming too, but its release is simply TBA.

If you’re as excited for Baldur’s Gate: EE as we are then chances are that hearing it will be coming in September is music to your ears. Be sure to check out our forums to share in the excitement with others, give a listen to our podcast interview with developer Beamdog, and start saving up your pennies for the September launch.

  • expresident

    Man cross platform saves would be so fricken awesome. I'd like to play on PC and continue on my iPad on the go.

  • Jaime Coston

    It will be like playing the game again for the first time! I can't wait until this comes out and Baldur's Gate 2. What I wouldn't have given to be able to have this game on the go 14 years ago! Icewind Dale, Planescape, Fallout 1&2 next please!

    • rpgmind

      Icewind Dale 2....

      • Jaime Coston

        That's right, I forgot about 2! I remember now, I actually liked it better than 1!

    • Jay

       I guess it all depends how well this one sells - so tell everyone you know to buy it 🙂

  • Michael Smith

    Oh great, this comes out the same month as WoW expansion? There goes ALL of my time now...

  • Yourplague

    Can I play it on my iPod touch?

    • 1Fcm

      I pretty sure its iPad only... and most likely not iPad 1?

      • Artfoundry

        Actually I read that iPhone/iPod is not out of the question. Not sure it will be available from the start, but maybe at some point. Probably depends on the game's success.

      • 1Fcm

        That would be awesome. Hopefully text will still look good at a smaller size.

    • Yourplague

      Well there's a android version tba, so they better come out on the iPod touch

      • Yourplague

        Or do the mean andriod tablets... Hmmm

  • Rowan Idris Carmichael

    I hope this will work on the iPad 1

  • john360

    Atlast ive waited a game like this. Hopefully they do the same to the icewindale, the arts abd storyline of this game is great, 2 of my favourite old rpg. Hope drizzt do'urden will show up again.

  • DjWeideman

    High hopes for this. I never finished BG, even though I spent weeks playing it, so I'm looking forward to it. Even more, hoping that this leads to BG2, Planescape, and especially Icewind Dale. Loved those games. You build it, I will buy it.

    • Artfoundry

      Yeah I read they are planning BG2 as well. Very cool stuff.

  • araczynski

    didn't know it was going to reappear on the PC as well.  that kind of douses any excitement i had for the ipad version.

  • Frank Hopewell-Smith

    This is great news - so glad they are spending time on making it  - rather than just a botched port. Excited. A massive instabuy - much like Magic 2013 was.... 

  • Joharn Orkslayer

    September isn't that far away. We have Orc: Vengeance to fill our time with 🙂

  • Jay

    I was worried about how they would do the pricing on the iPad - I'm glad they found a way to bring it down a little bit with the addition of IAP's.  I'd rather they strip out another character an sell it for $5, but considering the content we'll get for $10 I can't complain 🙂

  • PressureFM

    I'm really excited about this release, even though I quit playing D&D a long time ago for better systems.

    This still takes me down the memory lane and this type of game should really have been part of the iOS portfolio from the beginning.

    Tablet gaming is definitely getting invigorated if studios are willing to make decent ports and originals for them.

    I really want the old point-and-click adventure games, like Day of the Tentacle, Sam and Max etc. The platform is excellent for those kind of games. Especially role playing games.

    Hopefully people want more than dumped down Angry Birds-like gameplay and will pay a proper price for it. Can't say I agree with IAP which can totally skew the gameplay experience and in this case will mean we miss out on adventure plots.