In late 2009, one of the most popular games amongst our forum members was Rocketcat GamesHook Champ [$2.99 / Free]. Each level in the game had various hidden tricks and nuances that once discovered could shave a bit of time off your completion score, and because of this a fairly heated competition broke out for several forum goers all vying for spots on the leaderboards.

Amongst these elite players were two who go by the forum handles of mikeg123 and qpawn. Through this competition a friendship was born, as well as a common interest in “speedrun” style games. After talking further, the pair - both named Mike incidentally - discovered that one had a small background in programming and the other had a bit of experience in creating pixel art. They then decided to set out on a journey to create their own pixely, speedrun-centric platforming game in their spare time, and thus Beavertap Games was born.

Their platformer project is called Mikey Shorts, and it’s getting into its latter stages of development and getting pretty close to release. We’ve checked out various playable versions since GDC earlier this year, and it’s really shaping up beautifully. The mechanics are super simple: Mikey can run left or right through levels, can jump over objects and onto platforms, and can slide kick through narrow passageways (think Mega Man 3 and up). That’s all there is to it.

What’s also interesting is that there are no enemies in the game. It’s just you against the clock and the levels themselves. Each level is sectioned off with multiple barriers, and collecting enough statues in each section will open the way to the next part of the level. This leads to a bit of exploration as well as careful route planning, as sometimes you’ll need to grab an out of the way statue in order to proceed, and must do it as quickly as possible if you want to earn the full 3 stars for a level.

There’s also no shortage of coins to collect in every level, and though they aren’t tied to your star rating in any way they do lead way to one of the most interesting aspects in Mikey Shorts: customization. There are well over 100 different heads, faces, and eyes that you can equip on little Mikey in order to make him your own. The pixel art in the game is so simple but has so much personality that playing dress-up with Mikey has resulted in genuine laugh out loud moments at some of the silly options available.

Mikey Shorts is way more fun than I could have expected from two newbie game developers, and I’m excited to get my hands on the final product. If you enjoy games like the aforementioned Hook Champ, Mos Speedrun [$0.99 / Free], or League of Evil 2 [$2.99 / Free] then there will be a lot for you to like here. Mikey Shorts will be a Universal app and launch for 99¢ sometime this summer. Until then you can discuss and ask the developers any questions in our forums.

  • Raptor

    I had the great privilege to beta test this game. Let me tell you, I played this about 5X more than any other beta I've played. A total of almost 13 hours.

    Fantastic gameplay from fantastic speed runners, I'm looking forward to competing on the Leaderboards, see you all there!

    • Guise

      Likewise. The game is super-polished and totally fun to play.

      Verdict: mikeg123 and qpawn are as skilled at making games as they are at speedrunning them.

  • Gemutlichkeit

    Good story. Hope it's polished enough on release 😀

  • Plang Fu

    I really love that this site is the defacto stomping grounds for iOS game developers old and new alike. There's such huge potential here, and imo should be cultivated in any way possible.

  • Leonardo Andres Carisimo

    I almost cried while reading this. It's just awesome, hope the best to the mikeys

  • Fep52

    Straight on the watch list. I hope it isn't impossible for us mere mortals #we'renotworthy

  • Dogs in hats

    Looks like mario which is no bad thing!

  • mikeg1234

    Don't worry, we have made considerable effort to make the game enjoyable for everyone! The Story levels are definitely more forgiving, and have a lot to offer.  The Challenge levels are, well ... challenging. 🙂  We are making an effort to make them not impossibly hard, but they will require playing multiple times (read: many for some) to finish.  Fortunately, you can't get stuck on Challenge levels since we always unlock the next level (even if you fail).

  • Rick Mills

    Looks awesome. Is this native or on a development tool such as Corona? Just wondering if it'll mean we see both an iOS and Android version 🙂

    • mikeg1234

      Thanks!  Mikey Shorts is native to iOS. We're using Objective-C + Cocos2D.  There are currently no plans for an android version, but we'll see how people respond to the game.