Assuming word hasn't quite spread to your remote research facility in Antarctica just quite yet and you haven't heard of Angry Birds, here's a fantastic opportunity to dip your toe into a free and full version of one of the three pillars of the Angry Birds-iverse. Angry Birds Seasons [Free / Free (HD)] currently has Apple's promotional lasers aimed squarely at it as the officially endorsed free game of the week.

As the title hints, Angry Birds Seasons is filled with, well, seasonal updates. The levels all have different seasonal themes ranging from Halloween, Valentines day, St. Patrick's Day, and tons more. It's been consistently updated since its original release, and the amount of content you're getting in the game (especially for free) is just ridiculous. Seriously, if you don't have the game already, don't miss it while it's free.

Additionally, if this truly is your first taste of Angry Birds, if you like Seasons I can basically promise you'll also enjoy the O.G. Angry Birds [Free / Free (HD)], Angry Birds Rio [Free / Free (HD)], and the semi-recently released Angry Birds Space [Free / Free (HD)] which is my personal favorite.

  • stryver12

    Now this is what big name game promos should be. Globally free for limited time!

  • Arch Deluxe

    You paying attention, Halfbrick?

  • mashead2000

    Wow a free game that everybody probably already owns... Nice job

    • Drewskii

      I had the non hd version so it was actually cool that I was able to get an HD version free.

    • Rubicon Development

      I came in here to post that. 🙂

      Given that not everyone has it yet and it's still doing stupid numbers, imagine how much money they're losing per day on this. Probably more than my little company will earn in its lifetime!

    • mclifford82

      Find a way to bitch about something completely free and voluntary... Nice job

  • 12yam

    This was my first Angry Birds game. Sue me.

    Its fricking HARD!!

    • ManuD

      From Leaderboards, I assumed I'm the only one who finds the game hard. 😛

  • Eegah

    Er are the worlds listed in reverse order of release? I'm not exactly new to the franchise and the leftmost world in 2011 is pretty ball-busting even by the 4th level or so. 

  • Slerba Slerssen

    I hope they'll make the others free, too.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    Now i can put 1 star to each of them because of that greed SD/HD system instead of making an awesome 5 star universal game!
    Also the lack of iCloud or any cloud makes me ever more angry!

    Have you ever count how many AB in the store and each with separated game center entry? 4 normal + 4 normal lite + 4 iPad only + 4 iPad only lite....
    And actually only the Space one have real HD or retina iPad resolution... the others are just crap ripoffs with the normal retina resolution.

    1 bucks version + fullforce = "HD" .....strange.... 🙂

  • Matt F

    I wish Eli used "Five Alarm Freebie Alert" for more than Angry Birds...

  • Matt F

    I wish TA used "Five Alarm Freebie Alert" for more games than Angry Birds...

  • Matt F

    I wish Eli treated all the games with the same urgency

  • Matt F

    I wish Eli treated all the games with the same urgency

  • Matt F

    I wish Eli treated all the games with the same urgency

  • Matt F

    I wish Eli treated all the games equally

  • Matt F

    TA doesn't like the truth it seems, and cant stand criticism

    • Ian Vischansky

       What else is on your mind?

      • Matt F

        Sorry but for some reason it didn't post anything, so I just kept posting (slightly changed for trying to avoid what happened), and that last one was due to frustration (though was banned or something)... sorry again!

  • JGSaxon

    There not coming from TA, it's Apple that released them!