ThinkGeek and manufacturer ION's dreamy handheld controller add-on for iPhone and iPod Touch, the iCade Mobile, is now a thing you can buy on the Internet. It's $70, and it's still available despite appearing earlier this weekend. The final build looks identical to the one we saw at CES earlier this year -- it's still nice and glossy, supports eight buttons and a d-pad, and allows you to flip your device in its cradle if a game is only playable in portrait mode.

Mobile works with any iCade supported game and it's compatible with a host of devices, both new and old. iPod Touch 3rd and 4th generation, as well as iPhone 3, 3G, 3GS, 4, and 4S can all be jammed into the peripheral.

We've got a list of good iCade supported games on our site, but do note that most of these games don't support Mobile's specific layout of physical buttons. This will change if Mobile is adopted at the rate iCade proper was.

[via Joystiq]

  • Oooooomonkey

    Oh man I got all excited by the title, but it's the icade jr that I'm waiting for.

    • dylanmannen

      yeah dude. me too

      • bigrand1

        Yeah, me three!

  • zornthgrt

    This was in toys r us last month

  • toxiccheese

    Hmmm... With all the speculation, rumor and leaked images of the new upcoming iPhone I am uneasy about buying this.

  • Elton Bird

     Will be adding iCade support for Super Soccer Champs, so this is great news! 

  • Adams Immersive

    "Mobile's much more robust selection of physical buttons”

    I thought all iCades supported the same 4(8)-way direction control + 8 buttons, albeit in different arrangements? (I see 2 shoulder buttons on the Mobile and there must be another 2 hiding somewhere.)

    Still, differing arrangements is a pain for developers. Hard to come up with one ideal button config. Luckily, almost no games really need all 8 buttons.

    • bradnicholson

      Brainfart. I meant layout.

      • Adams Immersive

        Agreed, I really wish the iCade “Sr.” had a diamond layout for some of the buttons!

  • Gemutlichkeit

    looks great, really tempting, depends on the list of games that support it.

  • François

    jailbreak + Blutrol = SFIV VOLT the way it was meant to be played!

  • ndre

    what about the 8-bitty?

    • BulkSlash

      Absolutely, I'm much more interested in the 8-bitty. I'm surprised it's taking them so long to get it made.

  • Mike

    That's too expensive for something I never want anyone to actually see me using.

  • Ana Maria Gilabert Orengo

    How i can make my game playable for icade mobile ?

    • Blodia

      I think the Ion site has a link to instructions in making it compatible with icade.

  • Blodia

    Your "definitive list" needs updating. Where's the Namco stuff?

  • Eric Ma

    This was available weeks ago direct from the manufacturer.

  • Rubicon Development

    Vita with your six months route to market, three companies to get approval from and piss poor sales?

    Thank you, and goodnight...

  • John Odell

    This will be obsolete in about three months. I really don't think the iPhone 5 will be compatible.

  • Relytgninroht

    I like the concept of having a physical controller for iOS gaming, but the controllers are too expensive, considering that not very many games support them. Right now, they're kind of a niche product. There needs to be some sort of standardized code that all controllers will work with, rather than a bunch that all work using different methods. 

  • jclardy

    Are they still releasing the separate NES style BT controller?
    Main problem with this is that the taller iPhone won't be able to fit in there if that is actually what comes out. I'd rather just have an external accessory that works for iPhone and iPad.

  • NPeart

    Looks good, but at that price you really should also have analogue controller. Perhaps even battery extender.

  • Decoy_Octopus

    Wonder is the iphone 5 will fit in this.

  • Rdkjr11

    I need one of these! But I am too cheap to spend the money XD

  • stryver12

    It makes an iOS device to a PSP-like device or even XPeria device! But how it will work?

  • Andrew J Wade

    Couldn't help but buy it straight away. Will make Pinball Arcade so much more fun when I can actually nudge the table.

  • dieburnbot

    I would be all over this if it worked with the iPhone 5. They could have easily fixed that by making the center part expandable kind of like those mobile phone holders for your car. That way you could use your phone in a case too. Sucks I could have had this fairly cheap too with my gift cards.