Robot & Pencils' Spy vs. Spy remake(?) for iPad and iPhone is coming later this summer, and the offering will include online multiplayer. That's what the latest cryptic bit of PR has made clear -- after you crack the code seen below.

Specifically, according to Joystiq, it reads:

White and black spies resurface -(stop)- iPad -(stop)- iPhone -(stop)- iPod Touch -(stop)- online two players -(stop)- this summer -(stop)- this message will self destruct in five seconds -(stop)-

We still don't know a lot about this Spy vs. Spy game, unfortunately. The original game was cool in concept. In it, you competed against another player, attempting to catch him in different kinds of booby traps spread out amongst various rooms in an embassy. Here's hoping this one has similar play, themes, and tone.

[via Joystiq]

  • Matthew Nemeth

    This... is good news 🙂 I remember playing this on NES with my brother. Was good times

  • bigrand1

    Great! Always loved Spy vs Spy as a kid! Hope the game does the comic justice, though.

  • Mike

     I used the play the crap out of the Gameboy Color version back in the day. I also hope it's the same format, that was a uniquely fun game.

  • DreamLand

    This is a game based on a tv show mad wich has multiple mini shows inside spy vs spy is a mini show in wich both spy try to kill eachother

  • TigerXtreme69

    Very excited for this one. Multiplayer spy vs spy sounds amazing!

  • doublezz

    I used to play it on my old Apple II computer. So incredible.

  • Sianyrose

    Very excited about this, I really hope the overall concept will be the same as I adored this game as a child!

  • deans6571

    ....I remember playing this on my old Commodore 64! Those were the days....!

  • tankdogg

    I used to love reading MAD magazine and spy vs spy was one of my favorite. I still remember playing it on NES.