Last month we learned that Subatomic Studios was in the midst of working on a sequel to their iOS classic Fieldrunners [$2.99 / $3.99 (HD)], one of the early App Store success stories and likely the game that had the biggest hand in sparking off the explosion of games in the tower defense genre. A couple of days following that announcement we talked with them on our bonus podcast where they gave us additional insight into the new game.

Now, at E3 this week, one of the leads on Fieldrunners 2 at Subatomic, Jamie Gotch, was gracious enough to sit down with me and discuss the game at length despite being completely wiped out from travel and convention fatigue. Check out this in-depth video overview where Jamie goes over many of the new features in Fieldrunners 2 and talks about the thought process behind some its new designs and mechanics.

Fieldrunners 2 was looking fantastic in this nearly final state, and looks to do exactly what you want a sequel to a successful title to do. It keeps the things that made the original so great while simultaneously expanding upon them in new ways that won't alienate the core fan base. Also, it introduces new elements that they made sure fit in line with what you would expect from a Fieldrunners sequel, and at the same time the entire experience scales well to a hardcore and casual audience, making it much more approachable to a wider group of players.

Fieldrunners 2 is very close to submission, and if all goes according to plan you'll be able to get your hands on the game by the end of this month or very shortly thereafter. It'll be hitting the iPhone first, with an iPad version planned for sometime later this year.

  • Jacob007

    Very excited for this one. Insta-buy here.

    • AlecShobin

      Glad you like it! The whole team is so excited to see all these videos of our new game coming out of E3 🙂  Let us know what you think about Fieldrunners 2 after you've had a chance to play!

      • Arslan Akram

         Man i can't wait for june to end...i wish i had the chance to buy it now!

  • agentblank

    Going to be an awesome game!

  • Fluffeh

    So no chance on a universal update vs. separate iPad app?

  • regkilla

    Satan plays this?! Crazy!

  • apolloa

    About time! I don't think anything interesting in Tower Defence has happened for ages now! This game will soon rectify that. I will most certainly be buying it.

  • Scrab Frag

    Hmm, So no Universal support, and let me guess, the coins on the screen are IAP?  Consider me 'alienated'.

    • Tomer Chasid

      We actually made IAP not a priority in this game so you don't "pay to win."  It's designed for players who want to bypass the progression and head straight to get high scores.  As you progress you earn tons of coins, and use those coins to get expendable items like mines and other cool damage/slow down effects that can help you get those pesky runners that penetrate your defenses 🙂

      • Kizmatti

        I see what you did there. I take it that there is on fact an IAP in the game then for coin purchases.

      • AlecShobin

        Actually, we don't allow users to buy virtual coins with IAP at the moment. It's looking like we're going to ship that way as well. If people ask for us to add it in down the road, maybe we will, but for the time being, every coin you get is earned (it's based on score).  The team feels good about this, too, because it allows us to stay true to ourselves as gamers, while still giving us the option to go the IAP route if people really really want it down the road.

  • GamerChica

    I loved the first title. Fieldrunners 2 looks very promising. The aspect of having depth in the game is very refreshing. I believe the last Sentinel Homeworld tower defense game had depth to it the only difference was that towers only would be placed on the higher terrain where in Fieldrunners 2 it appears the enemy will go on higher terrain. Either way this looks like a pretty fun game. I only wish it would be universal also and use iCloud to sync my progress. One can only hope right?

    • AlecShobin

      Thanks for your support! I think you'll be very pleased with what we're doing in Fieldrunners 2 🙂

  • kimou75

    i really loved the first one but the support was so disappointing :/
    achievement bugs never corrected, crashs,  the new maps were not very good...
    it was my long time favorite TD, now i cant recommend it...

    • AlecShobin

      We've had some feedback from fans about this, so I'm pleased to say that we're definitely going to have top of the line support for Fieldrunners 2.  The original Fieldrunners was made by a team of 3, while Fieldrunners 2 has a team of about 20 people behind it, so rest assured that support will be very good 🙂

      • kimou75

        thanks for your answer, i hope the support will be good
        it s so frustrating spending hours trying to get an achievement and getting nothing because of a bug :/

      • Jacob007

        I hope there are frequent content & bug fix updates, unlike FR1.

  • LearnIIBurn

    Yay! This looks so dope! <3 Fieldrunners!

  • misterfriend

    When this game is coming?

    • AlecShobin

      We're shooting to have the game out by the end of June.  Hope you get a chance to check it out 🙂

  • Kenny Stubbs

    I really hope this gets a release on the PSN. I still like to have a blast on the first one and this one looks sweet. I like how everything seems to have been improved on what was already a great game. Hopefully I'll get to play this one on my Vita as well. Keep up the awesome work guys 🙂