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E3: Upcoming Titles from Square Enix

Square Enix had a number of new mobile titles on display tucked away in the corner of their massive E3 booth this year, as well as some that are already released. We briefly checked out all of them, and took some video of the ones that caught our attention the most. Check ’em out:

Motley Blocks – At first glance, I really didn’t expect much from Motley Blocks. However, after trying it out it actually turned out to be quite an interesting title. You pick from a variety of different objects that are made up of 3D pixels, or voxels, that suddenly explode and scatter about the screen. You simply need to trace lines through like colored voxels as the screen rotates to put them back together and reform the object. Longer lines of matches equal more points, and you have a limited number of rotations to get the picture complete.

Demon Score – This is a rhythm game with a sort of a first-person shooter perspective. You tap the circles that appear onscreen to the beat of the music. Unfortunately, I wasn’t wearing the headphones that were attached and was basically horrible at playing the game. Seems like it will be pretty fun however, and reminded us a lot of Elite Beat Bandits‘ gameplay.

RayStorm – Taito (now part of Squeenix) released an iOS port of the classic arcade shmup RayForce ($6.99) earlier this year, and now they’re readying the sequel RayStorm. Like the first game, RayStorm is decidedly retro, so if fancy graphics are your thing then you likely won’t be impressed. From a gameplay standpoint though, it utilizes the same mechanics that have you blasting baddies out of the air while simultaneously focusing bombs on targets down below. I really loved RayForce so am definitely looking forward to the sequel.

Final Fantasy Dimensions – A new game in the Final Fantasy series modeled after the classic original games, Dimensions was released on Japanese mobile phones in 2010 and is now bound for iOS this summer. It definitely feels like a retro Final Fantasy title, with plenty of random battles and all, but I was really impressed with how well the touch interface was implemented and how easily the game was to navigate and play.