Awesome! The simulation game gurus at Kairosoft have stealthily released another game on the App Store. Dungeon Village [$3.99], as its called, builds on what we've seen in its previous titles, as it blends traditional city simulation with RPG mechanics and systems. Dungeon specifically tasks you with creating a town that can support adventurers. You'll build armories and item shops, buy weapons and armor for visiting heroes, and persuade people to stay in your village forever through clever planning.

We've spent a few moments with Dungeon Village so far and can report that it's as cheery and deep as any other Kairosoft release. It's definitely not doing anything functionally different from its other games, though, so you might want to hold off until you see a review if you don't gobble up every Kairosoft release.

  • Tak

    I've been playing it for a couple of days. It is my favorite Kairosoft game yet.

  • Noam Rathaus

    I played it, loved it more than other games, especially now that I also play Diablo III

    But after reach year 12, the game became impossibly to beat monsters hard and un-enjoyable as there is nothing to "expect" its the same quests over-and-over and no new recruits coming in.

    • gabriel_ca

      I agree, in the end game the balance is way off.  I think it must be a bug, since it keeps claiming my adventurers can handle the threat no problem, but then get their butts handed to them (one shot kills).  Somethings gone wrong with the calculations somewhere.

      Although if you tough it out long enough and change everyones classes enough times they start to stand a chance against these behemoth monsters.  Just no way I can see in the first 15 years or so the game gives you before it stops recording your score.

      • justin b

        ok you must be talking about the "mob" missions. just cancel the quest and keep going with the explore missions. develop the cauldron. feed the cauldron correctly. buy maximum armor upgrades. switch jobs correctly. I am in year 12 and everything is too easy now I only have to get the income up to qualify 5 stars. i still see new adventurer recruit types last was a clown!

      • Jacqueline Renee Hamilton

        I noticed once you get to a certain point in the game, you need to actually take into consideration who you send the mob quests - even after playing for over 20 game years and spending a lot of event points on character stats boosts - certain character classes still get one shotted on these quests. Early in the game you will more than likely only have 6 or so characters "volunteer" for a quest, make sure you recruit a few more, specifically someone who can heal (wizard with heal spell, monk... etc.) and a heavy armor class or two such as a knight; that made things go smoother I found.

  • Jay Foreman

    Thanks to the Touch Arcade app, I knew this and lit my $4 on fire immediately.

  •  tfobf

    Game has been out in english for nearly a month. What the hell Touch Arcade?

    • blackharon

      Looks to me like a June 1 release on the App Store.

    • nicodemus82

      That was the Japanese release which also contained full English language support, but was only available on the Japanese AppStore.

    • Stanley Wang

      Unless you live in Japan, that means you pirated it.

      • chinito77


        Not true as I have a Japanese iTunes account which I download music and games, and I live in the US.

  • curtisrshideler

    I've been enjoying it for a couple days now. I obviously don't level up as quick as the guy who's hit year 12 already, but I enjoy digging into it for 10 minutes here and there. Enjoying it about as much as Pocket League Story, but for completely other reasons. The only other one I have. This one feeds my RPG, fantasy town hunger without requiring be to button mash my screen!

  • stormchild

    Sweet. Pretty much every Kairosoft game is an auto-buy for me. I'd love to see them start doing iPad games, but I guess their focus is on making cross platform mobile games. But just think how nice it would be to build a much larger town/city, with a larger view area and more info/controls readily available.

  • Dietrich Bautista

    I got all Kairosoft games on auto (free) download.  Free coz i hate paying.  Thats what hackers are for 🙂

    • Prab

      What do you do for food? "Hate paying" is a very bad motto to live by.

    • Droog

      I do not think you understand what hacking is. I am not innocent, but as groups say, if you like it, buy it. Without paying, game developers can't keep creating. Don't act like a 12 year old self-entitled brat.

    • gabriel_ca

      A)  Correct term is Crackers.
      B)  You are a self-entitled jack ass.

  • REkzkaRZ

    Will wait for a sale.  I liked the game developer sim, but found it wasn't replayable for me.  Would like to hear from folks about what's replayable on this game??

  • Nicole Hunter

    I bought it on the Japanese market, I like it.  It seemed easy to me, however, which made the replay value very low to me.

  • tulsy

    I am struggling to make money. Any suggestions ?

    • noamr

      Money is made by not doing quests and keep your town small - i.e. the parts that waste money are the shops, so don't have more than one per type and buy them only when you need them for the level up (city rating) or when you have more people in the city

    • Aikage

      Make money or income?  They're two different things but both can be solved the same way.  Don't buy any stores.  They're actually pointless and hinder your income rather than help. 
      2 big ways to make money:  1.  Always make sure that if you can afford it, you buy the best weapons/armor for your guys.  That way when they go to the armor shop they buy the same equipment they have.  Ie.  If you spend 2200 on armor for them they're going to go to the armor store and spend 2200 a number of times so it is a good investment.  2.  Get the circus and the museum.  Max out the price with items (I forget which ones are best but just experiment to find the best ones (should increase price >100 per item)).  The income generated from just a circus and my weapons store was enough for me to get the three star rating.  for the five star get lily to move into your town (she's the last one), and she'll give you a castle.  Just max it the same as the circus.  If you wanna fast track to five star, build a museum and, magic school, and school.  Max the price.  Make sure to not build low income yielding places as they will draw off customers to the high priced ones.