Sega's Flick of the Dead is a real thing, and it appears to be exactly what you think it is: a legitimate Typing of the Dead spin-off, except for mobile phones. Earlier today, the publisher released the title on the Japanese App Store at the celebratory price of free. As of right now, it features over 25,000 words, a boss rush, and "a drill mode," according to Siliconera. Eat that, Texting of the Bread.

In all seriousness, we're absolutely stoked that Sega even bothered considering making a new version of this memorable title to iPhone. We're doubly stoked that it managed to do so in a meaningful way. Unfortunately, it's up in the air if an English version is in the works. We're in the process of asking, so stay tuned -- and play Texting of the Bread [$.99 / HD] in the meantime.

[via Siliconera]

  • TheSporkWithin

    It's worth noting that this is specifically designed as a typing tutor for Apple's "hiragana flick" input method, which is solely for Japanese text entry. That's what the "flick" in the title is referencing, and it's similar to "Miku Flick" which is available on the US app store. Basically, if this game DOES come to other app stores, it will almost certainly remain in Japanese. Otherwise it would be a completely different game, not Flick of the Dead.

  • parrot5

    Even if they just release Typing of the Dead on the App Store I'd be all over it. Typing on the iPhone isn't that slow anyway

  • GURU2028

    Stupid game

  • TouchGamePlay

    Dear SEGA, you have like 200+ Franchise that would be worth to get a Port on Mobil and what we get is this.

    Exactly those "financing decisions" were it that lead to the Death of the Dreamcast and to the Death of SEGA Hardware Division.

    Please keep those Titles coming because it does remember me that there are still Idiots in the Management who don`t give a Shit about SEGA.

    Thank you for your Time,

    An Ex- SEGA, EX-MS, EX-Nintendo, Ex-SCEE Employee 

  • Poor

    Also Dear Sega, you really shouldn't've put "Flick" in uppercase, because it kind of looks like another word.

  • ratsinheat

    The icon looks like it says something VERY different than "flick" the dead. Sega better figure that out before parents start calling up about their kids buying necrophilia games...

  • Tower Defender

    I had to double take on the naming of this game... Especially when my eyes caught the icon on the front page of the toucharcade app on my phone.

  • Manny213

    Shouldn't it be the house of the dead