Simogo, the studio behind Beat Sneak Bandit and Bumpy Road, leave a lot of game ideas and mechanics on the cutting room floor because its games are the end product of an improvisational style of design that sheds structure in favor of a flow. Simogo calls this "jazz" development. We've covered this topic exhaustively in the past, but we just couldn't pass up on another opportunity to show off even more cut content. In a video it released this morning, Simogo lets us in on a few more abandoned ideas.

We've embedded the video below. It's a mesmerizing bit of content, as it's cut together in a way that reminds us of Simogo's brand of game development. Check it out and see if you agree with us:

  • nicolinux

    Man, this is some bragging with style. Other devs would be happy with games half as polished as some pieces shown in the video (the round tile shifting thing and the branch growing thing caught my eye).

  • Tim Lord Gek Jordan

    Please consider bringing back some of those puzzle games, guys!  I'm sure you guys could makes some KILLER match 3s!

  • Umang J Shah

    Hey Brad, did you mean Cut"e"?

  • putermcgee

    i actually *just* got around to reading your original article about simogo and their sausage factory yesterday, and thought it was great. i was going to comment on that page, but, you know, it's kind of old now.

    i too would love to play moustache bandits. and while i still can't get into bumpy road, i love its aesthetic, and still play it from time to time (only to be sad about my low scores). this is a dev that's making games, and making good ones at that!