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‘Final Fantasy’ Devs Release New RPG On The Japanese App Store

Hey, did you know that two Final Fantasy veterans, including the scenario writer of Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy VIII, and several other JRPG vets have teamed up to form a new studio called Crunge Products? Did you know it just released its first RPG on the Japanese App Store? Yeah, we didn’t either. But, “Border Walker" sounds cool. Its name draws from its time cycle hook: the game’s world is split into two distinct night and day worlds, and your character can cross freely between them. Siliconera breaks down the battle system:

Border Walker has a unique battle system that splits the touch screen into a 3×3 grid. Players can use different skills by touching the grid in different spots. You can learn secret techniques by playing through the game’s sub scenarios. Crunge Productions also created dungeons to explore and a colosseum with powerful monsters to fight.

It’s unknown at the moment if Border Walker will ever come to the US, but we’ll keep our eyes out. Check out the trailer below:

[via Siliconera]