Trilobyte's The 7th Guest [Free] was among the first full motion video-centric PC games released following the dawn of the CD-ROM drive era. I had a horrifically underpowered Mac at the time that just barely stuttered through the game, but doing so is a gaming memory I'll never forget. Gameplay focuses around exploring the dark and mysterious puzzle-packed mansion of Henry Stauf. I don't want to spoil too much of it, since the whole experience is so much better if you manage to go into it fresh.

If you're already familiar with the game, you can check out our review where I get into some additional nitty gritty details. But, really, you should just skip all that noise and download the game anyway- Especially while it's free. As an additional bonus, The 7th Guest [$4.99] is also free on the Mac App Store. If you get stuck in either version of the game, give the Book of Secrets [$1.99] a look.

In our original review of T7G, we were a little bummed that the notoriously difficult microscope puzzle was nowhere to be found. The good news is Trilobyte later released this puzzle as a standalone game called The 7th Guest: Infection [$0.99 (HD)] which is also free as part of this promotion. We posted some more details about Infection here.

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  • Marcelo Barros

    Wow! I was about to buy it! 

  • mcorleonep

    Meh, I didn't think too much of this game and my PC was more than capable of running it at the time.  Only recommended for those with a burning sense of nostalgia.  All flash & no substance but for free there's nothing to lose but time.  😛

    • Thaurin

      I played 11th Hour before The 7th Guest. It stands as one of the most memorable gaming moment I've ever had. The sequel is better on all fronts if you ask me.

  • matthew wood

    i refuse to go back there, last time i got stuck in that god forsaken maze.

    • John Fricker

      "Feeling ... lonely?"    How that drives me crazy!

  • Adams Immersive

    Mac version is free too.