Huge! This afternoon, 2K Games released an iPhone version of Sid Meier's Pirates [$2.99]. This new-look take on the classic action adventure game first hit iPad last June, well after the Wii version its based on hit retail shelves. Despite its age, it's still a fabulous game. 2K successfully leveraged what the Pirates brand has always done best and added a few new, fun, and meaningful mechanics and systems on top of that. Our original review is still available on the Interwebs, if you'd like to examine the game more closely.

This appears to be a straight-up port of that version for phones, so don't expect to see anything new. If this is your second or third time through, we heartily suggest being completely chaotic and evil. The amount of disdain people have for you and the amount of havoc you'll be able to get away with is totally worth the effort.

  • Mark Adams

    So wait, what you're saying is, we on Windows Phone got it first? Holy crap!

  • 11LBG11

    Sweet. This game was the reason I kept my PSP for so long. 

    Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to remove all the internal parts from my PSP, fill it full of cement and use it as a door stop.

    • Flare_TM

       Haha !

  • drelbs

    Too bad it's a double-dip instead of them making the iPad version universal. 🙁

    • jindofox

      Also too bad there's no iCloud save support. I wouldn't mind the double divas much if there were an easy way to play the game across 2 devices.

  • Ryeley Kuykendall

    Are the iPad 2 enhancements available for the iPhone 4S? upgraded water shaders mainly.

  • Jeff S.

    Can anybody comment on how well this works on an older device?  I'd love to buy this game, but my 2nd-gen iPod Touch is really showing its age...

  • nickmorgs

    I LOVED this game on PC and I was ready for the experience to be watered down for the iPhone but i'm thrilled to say that the journey to iPhone has been a successful one.  In fact, I think the duels are all the more challenging with the excellent gesture controls.  The only down side i've discovered so far is the method of taking settlements/towns has changed slightly and doesn't quite seem to have the tactical element it previously did.

    All that said though, i'm loving it.  If you're at all interested, it should be an easy buy.

  • Jon

    didn't work on my iphone 3g