‘Sid Meier’s Pirates!’ Hits iPhone

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Huge! This afternoon, 2K Games released an iPhone version of Sid Meier’s Pirates [$2.99]. This new-look take on the classic action adventure game first hit iPad last June, well after the Wii version its based on hit retail shelves. Despite its age, it’s still a fabulous game. 2K successfully leveraged what the Pirates brand has always done best and added a few new, fun, and meaningful mechanics and systems on top of that. Our original review is still available on the Interwebs, if you’d like to examine the game more closely.

This appears to be a straight-up port of that version for phones, so don’t expect to see anything new. If this is your second or third time through, we heartily suggest being completely chaotic and evil. The amount of disdain people have for you and the amount of havoc you’ll be able to get away with is totally worth the effort.

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