Ladies and gentlemen, fire up your speculation machines, as this one is a doozie. According to Apple Insider, Apple CEO Tim Cook was spotted wandering around the Valve headquarters in Bellevue, WA earlier today. What his purpose was for swinging by is basically a game of Apple rumor whack-a-mole. Valve got involved with the Apple community when they released Steam for the Mac, and since then have even released Steam Mobile [Free] for iOS devices.

The possibilities are endless. An expanded collaboration between the two companies could be in the works which could mean more Mac games, or potentially Valve even getting into iOS development. Either way, something strange is afoot. Of course, Tim could just have flown up there to go out to lunch with Gabe, too. Or, maybe he's just a fan of the greater Seattle area.

Speculation time… GO!

[via Apple Insider]

  • Adams Immersive

    Friday night... friends all busy... don’t want to work... This article has saved me! I will finally get back to finishing Half-Life 2 tonight.

    Maybe Apple and Valve are working to get Steam up to Mountain Lion’s default security standards?

  • Crunchewy

    Apple entering the gaming console space with a Steam-based console? I'd be all for that and it would be a heck of a lot better than Pippen. I hope. 😉

  • Quarkles

    "Gabe and Cook" - a two man off-broadway musical.

  • Tim

    You failed to mention the recent Valve job postings about getting into the hardware business.  Could be a connection:

  • Sebastian Paul

    After playing Max Payne Mobile - whatever they are planning, please add Half Life Mobile to the deal^^

  • custardSquare

    The rumored steam box is the mac mini!

  • Be-Rad

    They're sitting around throwing fistfuls of hundred dollar bills into the air

  • TomCrown

    Half Life 3 as a Mac/iOS/Apple TV exclusive, ala Microsoft/Bungie/Halo/XBOX exclusive back in the day.

    • Cat Astrophy

      When was the last time a AAA game was exclusive on a Mac platform?

      • TomCrown

        Back in the day Bungie made exclusive Mac titles which were AAA. One of the big reasons that XBOX took off was exclusive titles and the consoles continue to use exclusives.

        Steve was very pissed when Microsoft bought Bungie and made Halo exclusive and would've like to see the tables turned. Apple right now has more money than god and is willing to use it to get market advantage.

        If the Apple TV is compelling enough of a product and Gabe sees the possibilities that it could shake up the market in a significant way and getting in on the ground floor benifts Valve, I imagine he would be willing to do a 6-8 month exclusive deal with Apple.

      • Soul_of_Wit

        Ah, the '90s. Bungie's Marathon was a FPS that was superior to Doom. The Mac was actually ahead of Windows for gaming at the time. The Mac was frequently derided as a kid's toy. PCs were for serious computer users only.

      • Cat Astrophy

        Superior to Doom? Blasphemy.

      • Carl

        Not enough gamers own Macs. iPads/iPods/iPhones? Yes, but not Mac OSX. Valve is not about exclusivity.

  • nomster

    Steam on the next Apple TV - surely?

  • B3nlok

    A new Console? Please no. This is so last century. Who needs another archaic dumb box sitting in front your tv?
    Now this would be cool

  • DwayneW

    Team Fortress 2. Mobile. Put a hat on your iPad.

  • Brian Dorsey

    He just likes the Pacific Northwest. He made it here on one of 3 days of sunshine this year.

  • B3nlok

    Since this article is already  dead and buried, there is the answer.

    Gabe Newell interview on Penny Arcade (Feb 19, 2012):
    "If you were willing to kind of put on the crown and pick up the
    scepter what would be a dream project for you that the company is not
    yet involved with that you would love in the fantasy land to kind of
    put 100% of your resources behind?

    So I use a tablet a ton, so if I could pick one magic wand I would
    have us all sit down and design a new, more gaming friendly tablet
    hardware interface and then build some content that really was designed
    at the same time as the hardware. So if I could pick one thing that
    would be it. Because I’m really frustrated as a tablet user with how
    mediocre the gaming inputs are.

    And you know this is going to be on all the blogs the next day, when you pick up a tablet to use it, what tablet do you use?

    Oh I use the iPad. I have an iPad 2."

    So be prepared , next gen consoles might end up being an iPad!