Today's Dark Meadow [$5.99] update smells like damage control, but that's not a bad thing for the folks expecting the premium title to stay premium. With the latest update, all the costs of weapons and amulets have been converted back into gold from Sun Coins, robbing the incentive to buy the weapons with real-world currency. Also, creator Phosphor Games has tweaked loot drops to "be more generous" and has tooled around with health drops. As explained on our message board, this is a permanent shift for the app.

Back in March, Phosphor caught wind that free-to-play was The New Thing and planned to update its offering with F2P mechanics. Fans weren't pleased, and so Phosphor decided to release a free version of the game instead. Oddly, it then decided to stick all of those elements into the paid one anyway, which didn't make people happy, either. But, hey, now the app is basically back to normal. Neat!

  • Andrew Ryan Singer

    So help me out here. Does the premium version come without ads or can you just turn them off? I was just wondering because the premium upgrade on the free version says that you can turn them off but I would prefer not to have them at all. Also, does save data transfer?

  • Adams Immersive

    I was hoping for something like this, and didn’t download the previous Dark Meadow update! I thought, if something better is coming, why waste space on my Time Capsule? Glad that my hopes were answered!

    Phosphor Games had some learning to do here, but I don’t entirely blame them for that: paying for game development isn’t an easy nut to crack. I hope the new path works out for them!

  • Jeremy Church

    The developers intentions seem to be good from everything I have been reading about them in the past months. They made a really good game and deserve to be compensated for it. I don't blame them for trying to figure out a way to make some money, the app store in a weird thing. Some people make a ton of money off of crap, while others make great games and go into debt for it. At least they are being transparent about what they are trying to do. And in the end they listened. Plus this game is really cool! I wish them the best of luck.

  • Stuart Bradley Newsom

    I'm sorry, but did people really expect F2P mean all previous owners will suffer from F2P mechanics? Seriously, whats wrong with offering F2P and Premium to the consumers. A lot of fans recently for various games are bitching and moaning about it should either stay premium or nothing at all. Seriously, make it suck for those that can't afford an app.

    • Dale P

      The issue is not F2P vs paid. The issue is forcing paid users to progress through the same nickle and dime IAP model as free users. Anyone would assume that you pay up front to be relatively free of that, with only non-vital but cool gear requiring more cash.

  • dyscode

    Thanks a lot for rectifiying this issue and your honesty, Phosphor Games. You are cool!