This week on The TouchArcade Show, we have to force ourselves out of discussions about WrestleMania and other stupid junk in order to bring you the latest, hottest, and best in iOS. At the top, we dive into several new releases: Hunters 2, Ow My Balls XL, and Motoheroz take center stage. Later, we discuss what Baldur's Gate for iPad means to us, and we even dabble on the ever interesting subject of why AAA publishers don't seem to care about the App Store, and why we don't bug them about it.

There's much, much more, so feel free to listen if we've tickled your interest. You can do so via the handy-dandy links just below, or hey, subscribe to us on iTunes or Zune. We'll love you forever if you do the latter.


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... And here are your show notes:


  • Hunters 2 [$4.99]
  • Ow My Balls XL [Free]
  • Motoheroz [$.99 / HD]




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IMPORTANT EDITORIAL NOTE: Eli will be going to Medieval Times on Saturday, not Sunday. We are sorry for any confusion this mix up may have caused.

  • jonathanjk

    I appreciate the swearing, the podcast comes along as more real, more realistic about a bunch of guys coming round to talk about games, less sanitised.

  • Alex G

    Thank goodness for the editorial note!  I was worried about Hodapp for having to wait an extra day to have not only mediocre food but also a tournament.

  • Matt Curtis