No matter what iteration of Apple's tablet you have, Baldur's Gate: Enhanced Edition will work on it. In our conversation with Beamdog's Cameron Tofer this afternoon, the COO confirmed that no iPad will be left behind. He also said that an iPhone port is a possibility, too. "We're going to have to make that decision of can we do it, is it really worth it," Tofer told us. "If we can't do it, if we get it on there and its just not playable, we can't make a product of it. I'm going to give it my best because I'd love to see it on [the iPhone], but I can't really make any promises right now." The license agreement that Beamdog signed that makes this edition of the game possible includes the iPhone.

Downloadable content seems considerably less iffy. While Tofer didn't specifically state that Beamdog will be churning out content outside of the new adventure and character, he teased that Beamdog isn't going to bail on the game post-release. "This isn't just something where we're going to ship the game and move on. We've got big plans," Tofer told us.


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Tofer described Beamdog's relationship with rights holder Wizards of the Coast as good, and the studios work together daily.

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  • Radd Berkheiser

    Nice interview.  Thanks for asking about Icewind and Torment, etc.

    But... "hacker alias"?  😀  It's my actual name. 🙂

  • SoyGreen

    All iPads? What can I use to convince myself I need the new (3) over the 2 then? 😉

    Glad to hear it really has everything I want!All iPads supported and multiplayer... awesome!

  • famousringo

    Big plans? Oh you tease.

    Would love a return to text-driven RPGs. The cinematic shooter RPGs they make these days ring a little hollow to me.

  • Dora Breckinridge

    Well, apparently they decided money and the acquisition thereof from as many sources as possible. I'm pleased, but being the sort of neurotic person who can't play Skyrim/Oblivion/NWN2/Fallout/Baldur's Gate without first five hours of meticulous mod installation (after which I'm too tired to play) I'll be sticking with PC. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised to see ten bucks as the price point for this, and hope the computer version is priced similarly. Do you know how many copies they will sell for ten bucks? A LOT. Those brilliant buggers.

  • David Markowitz

    Saaawweeeeeeeet.  I have never looked more forward to an iOS game than this.  And then the iphone 5 should be coming out around the same time too.  It's gonna be a long few months 😀

  • Andrew Geczy

    I don't have an iPad, but I would pay pretty much any price for having a playable Baldur's Gate on my iPhone. That would take some insane wizardry.