Back in mid-2010 iOS 4 had just hit the streets and brought with it a ton of new features and a host of new APIs that would allow developers to integrate with core iOS elements more easily. One of these new APIs let developers pull music that was stored on the device for use within an app, and as gamers we immediately thought of the possibility of seeing something like Audiosurf coming to the App Store.

Sadly that never did happen, although there have been a number of rhythm games since then that have attempted to create gameplay directly from your music library. But none of them have come close to being able to integrate the two as well as Audiosurf did on PC back in 2008. Well today, Audiosurf creator Dylan Fitterer sent word that a new game in the series is on its way called Audiosurf Air, and that he's already got it up and running on iOS.

This new Audiosurf is built using Unity, so as Dylan puts it "it runs pretty much everywhere", including iOS. The trick now is to decide exactly what platforms he'll actually be releasing the game on and when, but I think iOS is a pretty safe bet. He notes that even these first screens of Audiosurf Air don't represent final graphics and there is still a ton of work left to do in the game, but still, new Audiosurf! The plan is to have the game come out sometime in 2012, and we'll keep you posted on any new details concerning the upcoming Audiosurf Air.

  • Kevin Donovan

    Finally! I love Audiosurf and have nagged Dylan many times to release on ios.

  • Amy Mason

    I want this soooo bad!

  • Dylan Praesto

    OMFG!! I have waited for this to come to iOS sins i got my iphone! 😀 pls make it run on 3GS 😛 i am almost as excited for this as i was for Skyrim last year hahaha xD

  • Christopher Lee Pauley

    Very excited for this, but I really hope that I don't have to buy a new device just to play. Unity games tend to have hit-or-miss performance on my 3GS. The crazy visuals of Audiosurf will likely exclude 3GS devices entirely.

  • Scio X

    F*** yes! I love Audiosurf.

  • Travis Morgan

    I play audiosurf everyday since I discovered it. I am addicted to it. It truly feels like I am riding my music. It has the best beat detection code out of all the music rhythm games I have played that use your music library. The visuals of this new version look even more amazing than the original. I hope and expect it will out perform its predecessor. I want to beta test this so bad, but I never hear back from Dylan. I have many ideas for this new version. Add me as a friend in the game... I am "FookedonHonix."