iOS 4 Makes ‘Audiosurf’ Games Possible on iPhone

Now, we’re not saying Audiosurf is definitely coming to the iPhone… but it seems some of the new changes in iOS 4 make it possible. Engadget reported on a DJ scratching app that takes advantage of some of the new APIs in iOS 4 that allow Apps to directly import the audio files from your iPod library. In the past, the best that you could do is simply play and pause your existing iPod music from within a game — but not actually do any processing to it.

This led to some awkward workarounds. BeatRider, for example, required you to upload your MP3s to their website and then download the data back to your iPhone within the app. Well, no longer!
PC version of Audiosurf

This means we should be able to see rhythm games that allows you to directly import your music and manipulate it for your gaming entertainment. Bring it on.