One of the best and brightest, and unreleased, games we saw at GDC now has two clones on the App Store, according to the game's creator. A false version of IGF-nominated student project, One and One Story, popped up earlier this afternoon to an appropriate amount of Twitter backlash. Its source code presumably draws from the Flash version of the game.

One and One Story's actual creator, Mattia Traverso, has since contacted Apple and filed a DMCA complaint. "Yep, but these are clones," Traverso said on Twitter. "They are other games. This is my game, without even a single change!"

When Traverso showed us the legitimate iOS version at GDC, it was very much a work in progress. He was in the process of tightening the controls and figuring out if he wanted to go with a different visual style that featured actual characters instead of silhouettes. Obviously, we don't advise that you download this version.

One and One Story, by the way, looks to be a gripping platformer, as it tries to combine the Limbo look with Braid-like puzzles. The premise revolves around the relationship of the game's two protagonists, and you need to control both interchangeably in a multitude of fascinating ways.

We look forward to digging in when it's actually released.

NOTE: These are the clones.

  • James Gerbino

    And, no real surprise... the first FIVE "Reviews" on iTunes are from "Reviewers" who have only ever posted 5 star reviews for the products of one company... by coincidence, the SAME Vietnamese company that Publishes this blatant rip-off. The attitude of Pacific rim citizens to IP laws and morality never ceases to amaze me. I know these are good, hard working, decent humans. How can they square stealing so easily with their conscience? 

  • PaulMcraeLind

    Might want to remove the link to the app store, no need to advertise it.

  • Kevin

    It's a bit unseemly to report on how a developer's game was stolen and then link to the cloned work so folks can purchase it...

  • Cary Groneveldt

    How in the name of hell do you excoriate this guy being rippedoff THEN GIVE APP STORE LINKS?!?

  • John David Parsons

    I also submit my vote to remove the links. Don't encourage the bad clone behavior.

  • Ciro Continisio

    I vote for the link removal too...

  • Gabriele Bonis

    By the way, by looking at the picture I can tell that the thief has
    somehow managed to make a mess of the graphics: the (original) flash game looks far better than this "thing".

    So, if you are interested in this game, please give a try at the flash version ( or wait for the official iOS port.

    Thank you.

  • Gabriele Bonis

    (EDIT: sorry, double post)

  • baartlebooth

    I second Cary's comment.  

    Not only it is an outrage to Traverso's outstanding work to give the appstore link but it is also degrading to all touch arcade's community and fans of this site.

    The links have to be removed ASAP as well as a strong support to Trabendo's misfortune stated otherwise I will personally have to seriously reconsider my position over ever visiting this site again.

  • Brad Nicholson

    Wow. So, the reason why we included the links is so if someone in a position that can do something about this needs to reference these games, they easily can. It's made ridiculously clear in the text of this post that we don't like / encourage this behavior on the App Store.

    • Vladimir Roth

      Oh,so you're going to donate the 5% commission you're making on those links to the developer then, right? Or is there any other reason why not to provide plain links.

      • Eli Hodapp

        How many people do you honestly think are going to read this article and then buy the game?

      • uu hh

        Do you honestly hit most, let alone everyone, read your entire articles? I know many occasion where I've seen the title of the game in the header and just opened the iTunes link knowing I wanted the game based on what I'd already heard about it. Very questionable that you'd place the link in the same format as legitimate games.

        If you guys really are getting a commission on the links it just adds to the bad PR. We know you're not supporting the cloned app, but prove it.

      • Matt Curtis

         It still doesn't seem considerate to me - why not just give the name it's under, and let them search the App Store for it, not give the links? Not making sense to me.

      • Kevin

        Especially since the developer has already filed a DCMA takedown with Apple.

      • Eli Hodapp

        Stories are tracked by App ID, which generates those links and provides all the behind the scenes glue which hold the front page, the app info stuff (with ratings) on the forums, and the upcoming TouchArcade app together. It's automatic.

      • James Kochalka

        Remove the links!  If they're "automatic" then un-automate them.

      • squarezero0

        I almost did. I read the post cursorily as I was walking between stations, and mistakenly thought that the official game had already been released. It wasn't till I saw the Vietnamese name of the developer that I hesitated.

        I know that your instinct is to get defensive about these things, Hodapp, but I think objectively posting the link in the standard format is a bad idea,

      • Eli Hodapp


  • Justin Rawcliffe

    Hodapp stop trying to justify posting links to enable downloading of copyright/stolen material, you can't justify it. Stop acting like a defensive child, admit your wrong, get the the links removed. End of story.

    Or else you might as well start posting torrents to copyright games here. Call this place pirate arcade.

  • any-mouse

    Most ppl would be too ashamed to admit..but yes I bought the game.
    I would rather buy the original but god knows how long that will take to he this can tied me over for now..but I'll also buy the it's not like their losing they'll probably sue them for every penny they make anyway!

  • Retronaut42

    You guys are seriously all going to angrily rant about an automated format that probably wasn't even given a second thought before posting? Give them a break. I'm pretty sure the people you should be angry at are the guys who cloned the app in the first place.

  • Jaywu

    WOW!  and the links are still alive. Are you guys going to be posting torrent links to copyright material anytime soon...might aswell. Call this place Touch Torrent or pirate Arcade lol!

  • Paul Kuhr

    And, without reading the entire article, I just gave this dirtbag $.99 because it started out glowing, the image looked like something I would enjoy, and links were on the bottom. Ugh. Lesson learned, READ before I click.

    • homerjay

      Please report a problem to apple and ask for a refund; it may help MaTX's effort in getting the app removed.

  • Phoen1x1

    Seriously why are you guys linking to what is basically pirated material?

    • Phoen1x1

       And yes I realize why the links are there but I almost clicked on them just because of the video and because I heard of the game before. 

  • Mattia Traverso

    I would like to thank TouchArcade for the article, but i have to ask to remove the links, since some people said me that they bought the game from this article 😛