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GDC 2012: ‘One And One Story’ Hitting iOS Soon

Mattia Traverso’s soon to be IGF award-winning student project, One and One Story, is set to hit iPad and iPhone within the next four or so weeks. Traverso gave a short demo earlier this morning, and we couldn’t be happier with his progress on the project and the implementation of its touch control scheme.

The elevator pitch would go something like this: One and One Story is an experiential side-scrolling puzzle with a Limbo look and Braid-like brain twisters. It’s minimalist and moody, but also strangely, warming. The premise revolves around the relationship between a shadowy boy and a girl and it explores the themes of this relationship mechanically and structurally. Each chapter riffs on different aspects of this relationship, including periods of loss and love.

For example, in the loss levels, the boy losses his ability to jump. In the love levels, players have to control both characters and have them meet in the middle of a puzzle. Chapters are bookended with tiny bits and pieces of narrative, each vague enough to allow the user to draw his or her own conclusion.

To get a better sense of this mechanically, check out the flash version here. The iPad and iPhone builds will incorporate, possibly, a bonus mode, a refined look, a new song, and levels playable by two people simultaneously. Multiplayer is specifically something that Traverso wants to focus on.

It’s important to note that these screens aren’t final. Traverso is thinking that he might change up the characters’ looks, as well as iterate on the backgrounds. We’ll be keeping in touch moving forward, so expect more soon.