In this week's episode of the TouchArcade Show, Eli Hodapp brings the heat when I note my recent PlayStation Vita purchase. Later, we dig into the usual -- the latest, hottest and best in iOS. Topics include WrestleFest and Midway Arcade, the new IGF controversy, how Apple is responding to clones, and the disappearance of Battlefield: Aftershock.

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  • John Francis

    Great podcast. I love the Vita too so come at me bro.

    There is no defense for Apple's poor filtering of these BS apps. There is none. Really. None. Everyone can see there's not a lot of effort in the process and I HATE saying this as an indie developer but there just need to be more restraints. Whether they raise the dev fees, create longer certification delays, whatever, they need to, they can solve this issue with a mix of money and time or at least put a massive dent in it.

    I also think there's a lot of hate about what is ultimately the reality of the app store; that is that bad games can succeed through compulsion loops, marketing, referral systems or other methods rather than just making unique and innovative stuff.

    So while I don't have a utopian view of what is still the best distribution platform on the planet, this "warez" crap has gots to stop.

  • 1337brian

    Powerstone collection is reason alone to get the vita.

  • Tondog

    The problem with iCade support in something like a WrestleFest or Midway Arcade is that they're published by a big company. We've seen what Apple has done with people that promote iCade in the past, so it could maybe stand to reason that the big publishers shy away from using it because it may hurt their standing with Apple.

    Also, I get the feeling Eli hates anything with a PlayStation name on it...

  • JCat_NY

    As both an iPad and Vita owner, I have a new found respect for Brad. Eli on the other hand.... getting all worked up about Brad's decision to grab one at launch was rather off putting. 

  • arntest6


  • steveyaz

    Yo that game Meowch! is awesome.