It's possible that Team Meat is just trolling us at this point, but it seems like it is genuinely married to the idea of bringing an actual game to mobile. In its latest burst of tweets, the two man outfit announced that it's working on some kind of Super Meat Boy "prototype" set for release across "touch devices."

Before you get too excited about the whole Super Meat Boy connection, do take note that this isn't a port. "It will be a re-envisioning of Super Meat Boy remade from scratch for touch," the studio said, and it won't use any art or "gameplay" from the title.

A couple of tweets later, Team Meat stated that it's doing SMB for mobile because it welcomes the challenge of a touch game. Also, it isn't planning to release something that it doesn't take serious... unless the game ends up sucking.

If that's the case? Team Meat will proudly walk into the sunset and "act like it never happened and move on to the next idea."

Team Meat hasn't ever really ever been all that fond of the App Store. Anyone around for the Zits n' Giggles drama certainly knows that. But of late, the studio has loosened up. Earlier this January, Team Meat confirmed that its next title would "probably" hit iOS, and well, now we've got this news.

We're huge fans of Team Meat and would love to see its talent actually go into a real, totally playable game on iOS. Here's to hoping this prototype ends up becoming a game and that we all get to see it this title in the near future.

We know how these guys have felt in the past, though, so prepare for the worst.

[Via Shacknews]

  • Anonymous

    won't ever buy anything again from them. Waited a year to have a bug-ridden mac version. X360 controller is not supported on the mac because they are too lazy to fix their own bugs. Read on their Facebook page that they encourage people to download and give bad ratings to the perfectly fine and legit Choco Run game. Worst devs ever.

    • app symmetry

      Yeah, I lost any respect I might have had for them when they told people to bash ChocoRun, one of my favorite platformers for the iOS... They've made a bunch of bad decisions in the past, but that's the one that pushed me over the edge...

  • Klas Segeljakt

    Let's hope that this is real

  • John

    I'm not too impressed with their games.

    • Klas Segeljakt

      The Binding of Isaac and Super Meat Boy are both great, imo. I love indie games and these two games are the best indies I know.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe they realized they were being complete twats?

  • Matt F

    Team Meat: please make SMB for iOS and PSN

    • Anonymous

      SMB. Maybe I'm just old, but SMB will always mean super Mario bros to me.

      Anyway, I can't think of a worse game for touch controls than super meat boy, or even with the icade joystick. This needs the twitch controls on a dpad, or a keyboard.

      • Matt F

        It looks like you never played the iOS SMB clone (officially approved by Team Meat), CheeseMan or League of Evil, both with excelent controls...  you can do a great game AND have perfect controls on iOS

      • Anonymous

        Thanks Matt.  I played League of Evil.  It was a great game, but would have been better on a handheld console.  I still disagree that controls can be perfect on a touchscreen.  They can be greatly improved from junk, but you'll never know good controls unless you used something like a SNES or PSX before, or a keyboard.

  • Michael Matzat

    SMB requieres such great controls, i don´t see how anyone would ever bet it with touch screen controls.

    • Klas Segeljakt

      It's a remake which probably is easier and the levels will be optimized for touch controls

      • Michael Matzat

        But "Run roo run" already did this perfectly.

    • Matt F

      League of Evil or CheeseMan will change your mind

      • Philipp Stollenmayer

        Not Cheeseman, the controls are cheesy (haha..), you can choose between a too large or a to small control stick, and you must hit the buttons exactly, no idea why there's no tolerance box around them. LOE has great controls, and as SMB can be controlled with 3 buttons, the controls should be no problem if there will be 3 adjustable areas where you can tap (like in Bike Baron or Reckless Racing.. Never had troubles with these controls)

  • Taylor @ TBE

    League of Evil is the only game I have played; never heard of Cheeseman. I respectfully disagree that an exact replica of Super Meat Boy could work whatsoever on iOS devices and here's why:

    1. League of Evil in comparison to Super Meat Boy is a much slower paced game. If LoE was released as an Xbox Live Arcade game in it's current state it would literally be a cakewalk for anyone with moderate experience in platforming.

    2. Super Meat Boy requires precise and exact movements. VERY slight tilts of the joystick at times AND pressing an releasing of the sprint button at the right times. Sprint is controlled by left and right triggers on Xbox, you jump with A or B if I recall correctly, and you use the joystick to control. There's clearly a missing piece here when translated to iOS; triggers.

    3. Super Meat Boy is tough as nails. The guys at Team Meat know it won't translate properly so they are building a game from the ground up for iOS devices; which honestly surprises me. iOS has a specific niche and quite honestly, no matter how it's diced, platformers are better played with real controllers! At least in my humble opinion. 

    I whole-heartedly enjoy all platformers, since the early days of SNES gaming, to my all time favorite in Banjo-Kazooie to now with awesome next-gen ones like Rayman Origins being released to awesome iOS ones like Mos Speedrun and (loosely) Run Roo Run!

    Binding of Issac on the other hand, might be workable. I haven't played it to see, but dual stick shooter type games are very workable on iOS.

    /essay. Goodness.

  • Styles Kim

    Let's hope the developers are hypocrites and actually end up releasing an iOS version of SMB.