‘Jetpack Joyride’ Has Scored 13 Million Downloads Since Going Free

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Halfbrick Studios has announced that their sublime endless flying adventure, Jetpack Joyride [Free], which stars the toughest food-named protagonist that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing, has passed the 13 million download mark since going free-to-play this past December. Combined with the downloads from the time it launched as a paid app in late August, this pushes the total downloads to well past the 14 million mark.

We were quite taken with Jetpack Joyride in our review, so it’s not hard to see why multiple millions of people are downloading the title, especially since it’s been expanded on and improved so much following its release. And that reminds me, Halfbrick also mentions that they’re scheduled to release the biggest content update that the game has ever seen sometime next month. Sadly there are no details on this update just yet, but we’ll keep our eye out for anything new in the coming weeks.

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