Halfbrick Studios has announced that their sublime endless flying adventure, Jetpack Joyride [Free], which stars the toughest food-named protagonist that I've ever had the pleasure of knowing, has passed the 13 million download mark since going free-to-play this past December. Combined with the downloads from the time it launched as a paid app in late August, this pushes the total downloads to well past the 14 million mark.

We were quite taken with Jetpack Joyride in our review, so it's not hard to see why multiple millions of people are downloading the title, especially since it's been expanded on and improved so much following its release. And that reminds me, Halfbrick also mentions that they're scheduled to release the biggest content update that the game has ever seen sometime next month. Sadly there are no details on this update just yet, but we'll keep our eye out for anything new in the coming weeks.

  • http://clickplow.com/ John

    Its nice seeing games like this do well. I hope they continue to have success with games like this.

  • http://twitter.com/Aghartastudio Alex

    It's one of the rare freemium game along with tiny tower where we don't feel cheated.
    I wonder how much money does 13 millions units translate into in app $

    • Adams Immersive

      True, neither of those ever made me feel like I had to buy anything. (In fact, the IAP seems very UN-tempting compared to how easily you can earn in-game.)

  • http://clickplow.com/ John

    I don't consider it to be a freemium game, even though there are iap available. The iap are so unnecessary that they don't interfere with the game what-so-ever. These are the type of freemium games i'd like to see more often and is why i have no problems supporting a developer who chooses this business model rather than the gameloft business model.

    • http://twitter.com/Aghartastudio Alex

      Our next move , exactly ^^

      BTW something I noticed looking at their leaderboards, there are "only" 7 millions Registered gamecenter players, meaning only half owners have gamecenter accounts

    • Jacob Gehman

      Exactly. I downloaded this for free and loved it so much that I bought an IAP to support the developer. Don't regret it for a moment.

      (Except now and then when I want a soda from McDonalds. Then I'm like, "Iiiii need that dollarrrrr!")

    • Anonymous

      I don't consider it a freemium game either, because I paid for it.

      • Anonymous

        Ditto. Heh, at least give the paying customers a "timed limited exclusivity" on the next update lol 

      • Anonymous

        No kidding. I'm a little peeved. It was nice to support the dev, but when it went free, I felt really cheated there.

      • http://twitter.com/StarkGumbus James Preston

        How much did you pay for it?

  • Anonymous

    easily one of my favorite games on the ipad (approaching level 100).  i bought IAP to support the Devs.  can't wait for the next installment.

  • http://twitter.com/guildastrogator CJ

    One of my favorite games, one which I turn to when I can't decide what to play. It's so simple and so well done. I got it when it was a paid game and don't regret for a second the money I spent (I even purchased one of the IAPs.) As a previous commenter said, this is IAP done right. You don't need the IAP to progress even a little.

    Atari, who lost all respect I had for them (misplaced respect, it turns out, stemming from overwhelming nostalgia), is the exact opposite of Halfbrick Studios. I could rant for hours about their elaborate IAP scam. They, and all other developers jumping on the freemium/IAP bandwagon, really need to look at how companies like Halfbrick implement it. Halfbrick does it in a non-intrusive, non-invasive, non-insulting way. Atari, on the other hand, does it like one of those annoying college-age pamphleteers who follows you down the street proselytizing the virtues of "Cause du Jour", then follows you into Fridays and threatens to sit down at your table with you, and then follows you into the toilet only to hand you pamphlets instead of tissue paper to dry your hands.

  • Lolza Palpaton

    I wonder if it's appropriate to be discussing downloads now that we know that all the big guys have been using fake downloads? I saw Jetpack on the Topdealapps thing that the Anon guy exposed.

  • http://twitter.com/artfoundry David Markowitz

    Wow, for some reason I was avoiding this game - maybe cuz the art style didn't do much for me (and I didn't realize it was free).  But I got the game yesterday, and wow - it's so addictive!  Like a side scrolling version of Temple Run.