Here's a new one: instead of splintering into a billion different independent parts in order to explore the world of iOS, Salt Lake studio Eat Sleep Play is staying (mostly) together as it transitions into mobile and tablet development.

The Salt Lake City Tribune is reporting that after the studio finishes Twisted Metal, it'll move on to iPad and iPhone development. Eight employees were handed pink slips last week in order to presumably shrink the studio size for the transition, and co-founder David Jaffe is expected to leave as well to pursue a new thing before the studio makes hop.

In a statement, the studio's other co-founder Scott Campbell said all the right stuff about iPad and iPhone and iPad development, and noted that Eat Sleep Play's "brand of mechanics-driven gaming" will be a big part of its future offerings.

Jaffe is reportedly set to move into the "casual" market as well, but that's a point of contention. On Twitter, the God of War creator stated, "The rumors of me making casual games post-Twisted Metal -- as many of you define them -- are highly exaggerated." Later this morning he clarified, "... never say never, but I have zero plans to make games like Farmville and Angry Birds."

"I never said what I was doing post-Twisted Metal, and I'm still on Twisted Metal along with Eat Sleep Play for the next months as we launch it and balance it in real time and make sure it's a perfect game and continue to support it."

Pictured: Twisted Metal

"At the same, I will be opening a game studio here in San Diego because I really miss internal game development. Happy to share more details later."

With that said, we're not so sure if Jaffe is moving on to iOS, too, but we're trying to make contact and see exactly what's up. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: Jaffe is continuing to clarify. In a series of tweets, he revealed that he's talking to people "about some big, huge next-gen game ideas" he'd love for his new studio to make, as well as some stuff in the browser space.

"I have no idea what game we'll make yet. Could be iPhone, could be next-gen console," Jaffe said. "Have barely done anything with the new company yet."

[via The Salt Lake City Tribune]

  • Anonymous

    Without Jaffe's there I'm not sure how much I care about his former employer. Also it continues to be too bad that as soon as you talk about mobile gaming then a company has to offer casual games. I keep hoping the market will open up for some blockbuster, more expensive games, on the the IOS platform but no sign yet.

  • farnsworth_pro

    We're going to be seeing a LOT more of this in the coming years.

    Developers finally have a chance to rid themselves of publishers who have been destroying their games (creative "oversight") as well as the industry (no concern for the product, only the bottom line).

    Just as with the music industry, the problem of distribution requiring massive resources has been solved through digital means. Now the publishers are becoming redundant and devs everywhere are realizing that signing on with a publisher is quickly becoming a death warrant for the studio. How many more studios will we see close these next few years?

    Here's a list of game studio closures since 2007. I checked out a bunch of them and the list seems legit... quite an eye opener. The last 5 years have been pretty brutal for the little guys.. while Activision and EA rake money in hand over fist. They don't care how many studios they buy and shut long as they keep that sweet, sweet bottom line.

    3D Realms - 2009
    7 Studios (Activision) - 2011
    Backbone Vancouver - 2009
    BigBig (Sony) - 2012
    Bizarre Creations (Activision) - 2010/2011
    Black Rock (Disney) - 2011
    Blue Fang Games - 2011
    Blue Tongue (THQ) - 2011
    BottleRocket - 2009
    Brash Entertainment - 2008
    Budcat (Activision) - 2010
    Castaway Entertainment - 2008
    Cheyenne Mountain - 2010
    Cing - 2010
    Clover Studios (Capcom) - 2007
    Codemasters Guildford - 2011
    Cohort Studios - 2011
    Concrete Games - 2008
    Deep Silver Vienna - 2010
    DICE Canada - 2006
    EA Chicago - 2007
    EA Bright Light - 2011/2012
    EA Japan - 2007
    Eidos Manchester - 2009
    Eidos Hungary - 2010
    Ensemble Studios (Microsoft) - 2008
    Factor 5 - 2009
    FASA (Microsoft) - 2007
    Fizz Factor - 2009
    Flagship Studios - 2008
    Flight Plan - 2010
    Frozen North Productions
    FuzzyEyes - 2009
    Gamelab - 2009
    Game Republic - 2011
    GRIN - 2009
    Helixe (THQ) - 2008
    Hudson Entertainment - 2011
    Humannature Studio (Nexon Vancouver) - 2009
    Ignition London - 2010
    Ignition Florida - 2010
    Incognito Entertainment (Sony) - 2009
    Indie Built (Take-Two) - 2006
    Iron Lore - 2008
    Juice Games (THQ) - 2011
    Kaos Studios (THQ) - 2011
    Killaware - 2011
    Killspace Entertainment - 2011
    KMM Brisbane - 2011
    Krome Studios (might still be operating on skeleton crew) - 2010
    Kuju Manila - 2009
    Kuju Chemistry - 2009
    Kush Games - 2008
    Locomotive Games (THQ) - 2010
    Luxoflux - 2010
    Mass Media (THQ) - 2008
    Monte Cristo - 2010
    Monumental Games - 2012
    Midway Austin - 2009
    Midway Newcastle - 2009
    MTV Games - 2011
    Multiverse - 2012
    NetDevil - 2011
    Ninja Studio - 2009
    Outerlight - 2010
    PAM Development (Take-Two) - 2008
    Pandemic Australia (EA) - 2009
    Pandemic LA (EA) - 2009
    Paradigm Entertainment - 2008
    Pi Studios - 2011
    Pivotal Games (Take-Two) - 2008
    Propaganda Games (Disney) - 2011
    Pseudo Interactive - 2008
    Rainbow Studios (THQ) - 2011
    Realtime Worlds - 2010
    Rebellion Derby - 2010
    Red Octane - 2010
    Rockstar Vienna - 2007
    Sandblast Games (THQ) - 2008
    SEGA San Francisco - 2010
    Shaba Games (Activision) - 2009
    SOE Denver - 2011
    SOE Seattle - 2011
    SOE Tuscon - 2011
    Stormfront Studios - 2008
    Straylight Studios - 2009
    Team Bondi - 2011
    The Code Monkeys - 2011
    Titan Studios - 2009
    THQ Studio Australia - 2009
    THQ Digital Warrington - 2009
    Transmission Games - 2009
    Universomo (THQ) - 2009
    Venom Games (Take Two) - 2008
    Vicarious Visions California - 2007
    Visceral Australia (EA) - 2011
    Wolfpack Studios - 2006
    Yuke's Company Of America - 2010
    Zoe Mode London - 2009

  • Goradde

    twisted metal on ios, pls.