Check this: footage of Oceanhorn, the Cornfox & Brothers adventure game joint that seems to resemble the best Zelda ever in both style and tone, is now available. We've embedded the video just below for your viewing pleasure and aren't worried in the slightest that it will be pulled despite being labeled as a "secret" video. This is a PR stunt for a title that made waves when first announced, and hasn't seen substantial coverage since.

We're not complaining, by the way. We want to see more and realize that Oceanhorn: Monster of Uncharted Seas could be a big deal when it hits later this 2012. Not only is it fascinatingly gorgeous, but it's also mechanically and functionally inspired by Zelda. The world desperately needs more of these kinds of games, and if these cats can pull it off, a lot of people are going to be very happy.

Also, in entirely unrelated but sort of related news: If you're into Wind Waker, check out this fan-made imaginary Wii U sequel trailer that just hit YouTube and is blowing up all over Twitter. Bananas!

  • Frank Hassas

    Looks good. I think this is a instant buy for me. 🙂

  • Aaron Sullivan

    The look of this is making me want to buy it without knowing anything else. I have to say that having the sword swing be a button "press" and not some sort of swipe induced sword swing that is multidirectional is looking like a lost opportunity to me. Especially after Skyward Sword. Still, the makers of this game are obviously fans of Zelda and it is being respectfully aped here. I hope the game design follows as well as the look. Really insanely good looking to me.

    Thanks for that Wind Waker Wii U fan movie link. That was very entertaining. The Wii U Zelda will be a long way off for many reasons, but I don't think it will be cel-shaded Link as much as I love him. Nintendo is trying to win back the "core" gamer audience and he's a little too polarizing.

    Back on topic: Oceanhorn. Even the name sounds like something that is meant to last and stand out. Really love the potential here.

  • Anonymous

    Now!!!! THIS looks awesome!!!! Looks like we are finally getting a proper adventure game without any diluent what so ever.

    And that fan trailer makes me gasp in awe.

  • Anonymous

    so refreshing not to see yet another emo JRPG with size 50 fonts at every dozen hits/second.

  • Mike

    Looks killer, I'm in!

  • J.Shamblin

    I saw this on their blog a couple days ago. It looks amazing!

  • Anonymous

    This is what Nintendo has needed to do with the Zelda series for some time. I know there was a WindWaker type game for the DS but it had too many gimmicks to it to really be a good Zelda title.  A refreshed, top down, adventure game is what a lot of people and myself are looking for.

  • Noah

    It looks great, except for that framerate drop I saw a couple of times in the video...

  • Timothy Polumbo

    holy crap!!

  • Brandon Butler

    For some reason... it looks a lot less like wind waker. Must be the top down slightly slanted perspective. Not sure if it looks fun anymore :/ Will hold my judgment till I can see more gameplay.

  • John

    I'm in. Been waiting for this since they posted the original thread in the forum. Instabuy for sure.

  • Michael Klopf

    I don't like the lighting. Something looks not right in the video, maybe the grass, it lacks some details, flowers and those bushes you can cut in Zelda 😉

  • Anonymous

    Game looks good, I hate all the co parisons to Zelda, we've got enough of that with games copying eachother etc... Why is that only being brought up now? It's not like console games werent copies of eachother. Sure sonic was by some way influenced by Mario which was influenced by something else and then people got over it. I feel like every fps game coming out is a "copy" of something else. I say who cares... They should drop the zelda comparisons and focus on the game. I realize it's alot easier for iOS games to be copied but its no different than games on consoles resembling eachother and people don't really care.

  • Anonymous

    Looks good, I just hope they fix/adjust that joystick or something. It just looked pretty wonky in that video.

  • Jaison Corleone

    wow, the graphics on iPad games are really nice! can't wait to see them on the iPad 3. that will be when iPad truly moves into competition with the 3ds. i'm hoping for added storage. either 128gb on board or a card slot.

  • rogelio rios

    Comparing a $2.99 to $5.99 game to $50-70 game gets ridiculous

  • Cosmo163

    Oh my god yes. I need this game, NOW.

  • Ozzy111

    cool but still needs more epic ness like boats and bows and arrows and that stuff to make it really cool for me!!