Foursaken Media has made a name for themselves which such quality releases as Bug Heroes [Free], it's spinoff Bug Heroes Quest [99¢], and the wacky arcade cooking game Mad Chef [99¢]. In fact, they have yet to make a game that I don't like, and it looks like they aren't interested in breaking that trend anytime soon as their newest upcoming game Sky Gnomes looks like yet another winner. Rather than go into too much detail about Sky Gnomes, check out the hands-on video below where the developer does an excellent job of explaining all the ins and outs of the gameplay:

Sky Gnomes looks like it's going to be a ton of fun, and I'm really digging how you'll be able to race against the ghosts of other players. Also, it's a really attractive game to look at, something that doesn't quite show through as well in the above video. Further down the line, Foursaken is also in the beginning stages of a sequel to their first iOS title N.Y. Zombies [99¢]. They're aware of how overdone zombie games are in the App Store, but they also know that the original game has quite a following of fans, and they're eager to put everything they've learned through their last several releases to work on the N.Y. Zombies sequel.

Sky Gnomes is just being wrapped up, so shouldn't be too long of a wait, and beyond that keep your eyes out for the sequel to N.Y. Zombies to hit sometime in 2012.

  • Foursaken Media

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  • Anonymous

    The racing side of things might not be the most exciting in this type of game, but the third dimension looks to be strong in this one. I wish they used the head tracking or even gyro in this.

    • Foursaken Media

      Trust me, you will get some major speed and it gets really intense when you're dodging in and out of clouds, ice chunks, sunrays, and blizzards (the "cup" shown in the video is only the 2nd out of 4, so it gets much more intense)! Also the speed of the game has already been increased since Macworld, and there is still a lot of gameplay tweaking we'll be doing to make sure it is one of the more exciting and unique racers out there!

  • Foursaken Media

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  • Livven

    Looks awesome as usual!