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First Trailer for ‘Bug Heroes Quest’, Action RPG Follow-Up to ‘Bug Heroes’

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If you hang around TouchArcade pretty often, chances are you’ve heard us sing the praises of Bug Heroes [Free]. This dual-stick shooter features elements of tower defense along with a huge cast of characters, fantastic graphics, and tons of play modes. It’s easily among our favorites in the dual-stick genre.

Bug Heroes developer Foursaken Media is looking to branch out with this successful brand, and announced back in May that they were working on Bug Heroes Quest, a full fledged action/adventure/RPG featuring the characters and world of the original Bug Heroes. It sounds like a pretty great idea to me, and today they’ve released the first trailer which shows Bug Heroes Quest in action:

The story-driven campaign will feature the original 3 characters from Bug Heroes and will contain more than 50 missions. The developer has said that the environments in Bug Heroes Quest are as much as 4 times the size of the biggest maps in Bug Heroes, some of which are pretty large. You’ll be able to level up your characters and adorn them with tons of weapons, items, and equipment, and then take them into a survival arena to battle it out for a spot on the Game Center leaderboards.

With this video, Bug Heroes Quest is basically complete and is just going through the final play testing period. Foursaken is planning on submitting the game any day now, and hopefully it will release shortly thereafter. You can find additional screens and tons more info in the thread in our forums, and we’ll be waiting with bated breath to get our hands on the final version of Bug Heroes Quest soon. You can check out the original Bug Heroes for free with the link below, which I’d highly recommend doing if you are a fan of excellent games.


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