Attention League of Legends fans. If you've found yourself wanting to get your LoL on while on the go, then Maya Games might just have the prescription for you with their just released Legendary Heroes [Free]. While I don't think it was the intention of Maya Games to have Legendary Heroes be a straight up rip of Riot Games' super popular free-to-play action strategy title, it certainly seems to take some heavy cues from it in the visuals department, the gameplay, and the free-to-play structure.

Legendary Heroes gives you several different classes to play and progress with, and lets you control up to 3 of them simultaneously as you defend your own team's base and attempt to destroy your enemy's. Like many free-to-play games, Legendary Heroes utilizes a dual in-game currency of gold and crystals. Both can be earned in game through play or bought as IAP to speed up your progression.

While Legendary Heroes looks like a pretty solid League of Legends wannabe for iOS, it is missing one huge component – multiplayer. Currently, it's solely a single player experience. Maya Games is incredibly active in our forums though, and states that multiplayer is one of the top priorities for a future update if the game can do well enough to justify it. Until then, Legendary Heroes still seems like it might scratch that LoL itch if you're on the go, even as a single player game. If local or online multiplayer reaches the title in the future it could really take off in a big was, as the foundation of the game now seems pretty good.

We'll be diving deeper into Legendary Heroes in the coming days, but if you're curious, there's really no reason not to give the game a free download and check it out for yourself, and be sure to check out the forums where more player impressions, gameplay videos, and information straight from the developer can be found.

  • Cat Astrophy

    I'm glad someone is trying to get some MOBAs (at least the gameplay -- I know this is still SP) into the handheld market. Now if only Riot would make a portable version.

    • Anonymous

      I think RIOT will not do a portable version, as it could create a "minor" league split, u can't really expect PC (mouse and keyboard) to compete with the speed and un/responsiveness of an iPad.

      I saw the difference in Kingdom Rush, where in the PC version it is easy to do things very quickly, while on the iPod it is very hard, since there is a "double" tap requirement for upgrade, movement of items, etc...

      • Cat Astrophy

        Nearly every type of game on a touch screen is inferior to its primary version. That doesn't mean it's not popular. There would be no split. It's simply LoL on the go. Much easier than trying to carry a laptop in your pocket. Everyone will still obviously log into their PC for the full experience when they aren't on the go.

  • Anonymous

    could care less about multiplayer, grabbing now!

    • Anonymous

      So care less then.

      • Anonymous

        i do, especially now that i've tried it, seems a bit unpolished somehow... oh well, didn't hurt to try.

      • Anonymous

        I tried it but I didn't like the control system or what was to be a complete grind fest. The game reminds me un Unreal tournament where you take control of sections but doesn't involve it being fun.

        The proper phrase is 'couldn't care less'. I don't think you got the intention of my original message.

      • Anonymous

        its the proper phrase when its applicable 🙂  "could care less" is still valid, since I COULD care less by not caring at all, in which case it would be valid to say "couldn't care less".  i'm only caring a very tiny amount about the multiplayer, which , now that i've experienced the game, i really couldn't care less about the multiplayer 🙂

        true, in my original fragmented sentence, the two parts are disjointed.  would have made more sense if that was a period instead of a comma....

        yeah, that's it...

      • Anonymous

        I'm sorry this isn't the first time I've had this discussion. I can't make sense of that phrase whatsoever. It makes no sense in any application.

      • Anonymous

        it was probably with previous incarnations of me 😉  sense is subjective, makes sense to me, doesn't have to make sense to you.  kind of like explaining astrophysics or biology or a different language.

      • Anonymous

        It isn't subjective and it's nothing like biology or astrophysics, it's English and improper use of it.

        It does have to make sense to me, especially when you're trying to communicate something to other people.

      • Anonymous

        ooookaaay, welcome to the internet age.  i think your stay will be fraught with ever increasing agitation 🙂

      • Anonymous

        In the internet age, if you belittle those you're discussing a topic with, you know you've already lost.

      • Jared Nelson

        I thought I could care less about this pedantic conversation, but I tried, and it turns out I couldn't care less at all.

      • Sang Kim

        I guess the phrase is applicable. In this situation.

        If you're likely to get agitated over a phrase on the Internet, that's when you've know you've lost. Smiley Face.

      • Anonymous

        I don't think anybody is actually 'agitated'; nobody is feeling nervous over this. I just wanted to point out the correct use of that phrase.

        Though what jared wrote is correct, if a little too wordy.

  • Sergey Galyonkin

    Good for a first attempt at DOTA for iOS, but gets boring after 4-5 games 🙁 

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree. It shows so much promise but doesn't manage to connect all the dots. I'll check back in a few more updates, but the first release isn't compelling.

  • daniel so

    was really boring at first, but got more fun the more i played. i really like how there are a lot of aoe, non-homing abilities that have a chance to miss -- kinda like pudge's hook or pirate's torrent. Things like tower diving, going too rambo, evading, anticipating aoe moves for last hits.. it's all there, albeit in a different form.

    i really think that all the heroes need a 10% ms upgrade, especially the first hero you start off with.. because the ravager moves so slow it makes for an initial impression that the game is laggy. And overall, the tutorial is just bad.. really needs work in terms of polish, readability.

    other bad things: camera auto adjusts to you all the time. I know this is because of the limitations of the touch interface, but it makes it difficult to chase.

    no attack/cancel move. The game "Extraction project outbreak" (published by Chillingo) shows how a touch interface can be used to create attack/cancel move in a touch-based game. I would love to see Legendary Heroes adopt the swipe movements of Extraction: Tap to move, swipe to attack, scrub to.. deny?

    Too many UI buttons in-game. The pause button, even though it's small, takes up a hugely important part of the UI by being placed in the upper left hand corner. Also, the hero switch buttons are clunky and again, take up too valuable of real estate by being in the corner. In a game like this, there needs to be as few buttons as possible in the corners so the player can move their character without covering the screen. 

    Still, a really good first attempt and I hope to see them iterate upon it a lot. Good luck maya games!

  • Nate James

    Is there no way to send your heroes towards home base to heal without following him the whole way? 

    • Anonymous

      I couldn't find one, I think its a bug, seriously.

      Another one being the always chasing camera, how can I plan my strategy if I need to go somewhere to see what is happening?

  • rekzkarz

    I tried this game, didn't like it.  I felt like it was too much of a "buy the gems" kinda IAP game.  Your first gold gets you the lowest level items, but then it's gems all the way, and it didn't seem possible to earn them by playing.  Maybe I should be buying gems, but I just found that annoying. 
    Also, each of the 'unique heroes' didn't seem so unique to me.  I mean, they look different, but I couldn't really tell (during gameplay) how different the powers actually were.  I think it's the UI more than anything -- would've liked to 'pause' and then see what all the buttons do.
    I posted a few comments on this game -- but looks like they didn't get approved?  They were on topic, civil, and respectful enough (IMO), but it's happened before.  Dunno.  Oh well...?

  • M

    I immediately downloaded this when I heard about it. But on the touch screen, it maybe isn't too compelling. I think it's a very courageous release though- I just wonder when making a dota-like, whether developers ought to try simplify it down. I mean like instead of a fully fledged fantasy environment- a B+W pong-like environment. With dots as minions that you have to fight with a square. And abilities are like fledged down to like hit-in-a-line or something else. Maybe you change colour.

    This whole point being- making the game 'adapted' to the unit, rather than making a replicate game fit the unit. Because no doubt you lose a lot of the gameability in the process.