‘League of Legends’-like ‘Legendary Heroes’ Hits the App Store

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Attention League of Legends fans. If you’ve found yourself wanting to get your LoL on while on the go, then Maya Games might just have the prescription for you with their just released Legendary Heroes [Free]. While I don’t think it was the intention of Maya Games to have Legendary Heroes be a straight up rip of Riot Games’ super popular free-to-play action strategy title, it certainly seems to take some heavy cues from it in the visuals department, the gameplay, and the free-to-play structure.

Legendary Heroes gives you several different classes to play and progress with, and lets you control up to 3 of them simultaneously as you defend your own team’s base and attempt to destroy your enemy’s. Like many free-to-play games, Legendary Heroes utilizes a dual in-game currency of gold and crystals. Both can be earned in game through play or bought as IAP to speed up your progression.

While Legendary Heroes looks like a pretty solid League of Legends wannabe for iOS, it is missing one huge component – multiplayer. Currently, it’s solely a single player experience. Maya Games is incredibly active in our forums though, and states that multiplayer is one of the top priorities for a future update if the game can do well enough to justify it. Until then, Legendary Heroes still seems like it might scratch that LoL itch if you’re on the go, even as a single player game. If local or online multiplayer reaches the title in the future it could really take off in a big was, as the foundation of the game now seems pretty good.

We’ll be diving deeper into Legendary Heroes in the coming days, but if you’re curious, there’s really no reason not to give the game a free download and check it out for yourself, and be sure to check out the forums where more player impressions, gameplay videos, and information straight from the developer can be found.

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