Here's a small shout-out for our American iPad-owning but not iCade-owning audience: Bed Bath & Beyond, which seems like a strange place to buy an iCade to begin with, is apparently liquidating their inventory at $49.99 a pop. You can head on over to their site and order one, or check to see if any stores have them in stock locally. In the Chicago area, it seems like almost every nearby location has them, but your milage will vary.

We've already extensively reviewed the iCade in the past, and maintain a pretty awesome list of iCade-supported games to check out as well. If you were lucky enough to snag iMAME before it disappeared, consider that iMAME comes with full iCade support, making it pretty awesome. (Alternatively, you could always jailbreak and install imame4all if you missed iMAME.)

It doesn't seem like Bed Bath & Beyond ships outside of the USA, so our friends from abroad lose out on this deal. You likely have universal healthcare though, so I'd still argue you're winning overall even without $50 iCades.

  • Anonymous

    I'm still waiting for them to make the icade for the ipod/phone!! Wassup???

  • keith
  • Anonymous

    I got my iCade last week and its amazing. i played Velocispider for like an hour last night.

  • Marc Epstein

    Hmmm if you use a bed bath and beyond coupon, the 20% one you can get it for $40.

    • Bill Keeter

      yep, worked like charm this evening!

  • Anonymous

    I can't say Bed Bath & Beyond without doing it in the voice of Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) of Toy Story. If you're shopping in person, don't do it without their famous 20% off coupons. The staff tends to ignore the fine print on them, so they're always usable and never expire. They'll take one per item being purchased.

    • Aaron Sullivan

      I believe it's actually official policy to ignore the expiration date. At least that's what one cashier told us. 🙂 What a great deal. I prefer the look of the ThinkGeek version and got one for $60 on Christmas sale. Hopefully more devs wills support it. Definitely inspired to add support to my Snowball game... even if only my own family gets to play it so far.

  • VancouverBlade

    Also available on their Canadian store - 

  • Anonymous

    I picked one up today (with the 20% coupon) for $40. Fantastic deal! They only had two left so I guess they're going fast!

    • Anti-Archonist

      I did the exact same thing. For $40, this is a steal. Keep in mind that Namco's official table top Pac-Man game costs nearly $2k and it's quite similar in build quality. Throw in an ipad 2 along with imame (without a jailbreak if you got it while it was available) and of course the games and... Well it's pretty amazing IMO.

  • Adams Immersive

    Saw this story while I was already next door to a Bed Bath & Beyond. What’s a guy to do? I really had no choice.

    They had about 5 of them, on rack in back near the china, a little ways away from all the iOS speaker docks—not with all the clearance stuff in front. They had a “floor model” to poke at, too—it’s really solid!

    This 20% coupon people are talking about seems to be a one-time thing for signing up for their emails. You print it and use it on any one item.

    And I was near a printer too 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Nope. The coupons are in newspapers, they come in the mail, you can't get away from them. If I need one, I just drop by my Mom's house and she probably has 3 or 4 of them.

      • Adams Immersive

        I see. If anyone doesn’t have newspapers around, they can print a 20% coupon by signing up for the BB&B mailing list. (Email list, that is; no need to sign up for dead-tree-mail.) And then you can just unsubscribe again.

  • x999x

    Thanks for the heads up, I almost bought this last night at best buy, but couldn't bring myself to pay $100 knowing it was just $50 over the holiday. Glad I didn't, saw this post and picked one up at BB&B over lunch 🙂

  • Joshua Piper

    Just returned mine I bought for $80 last week, re-rang it, and took 20% off coupon, $45 out the door

  • Mark Myers

    Thanks so much for the heads up!  Used a 20% off coupon and got it for under $45!  I was very skeptical about it, but after a few hours with it, I think it's pretty awesome.

  • Steven Lewis

    Thanks so much for posting this story. I would not have paid retail for iCade, but snatched it up today on clearance and like others used a 20% coupon. What a deal! Now that I have used iCade, I can say that it would be worth full price to me. It is very solidly put together and the joystick is great. It is really a very cool mini arcade cabinet!!

    I am looking forward to playing many iCade compatible games!

  • Cory Engel

    I just bought one and I don't even own an iPad.

  • Anonymous

    I bought mine yesterday as soon as I saw this article. Got it home. Love it.

    Then I read the comments about the 20% off coupon, got one, took it back to BB&B, and they handed me $10 and some change. Very cool. 


  • Anti-Archonist

    I thought the iCade was a neat concept, just that support was too limited (other than the Atari app mainly) for me to consider. Then imame appeared with the ability to inject games without jailbreaking. It made me re-consider getting an iCade. This BB&B deal is a steal, especially if you have a 20% coupon which are quite common in the mail. Just ask the wife if you're married. Or mom. That's $40 plus tax down from $99 if you have a local BB&B with them in stock. Ours had plenty.

    I must say, if this is pretty much perfect. The imame app is based on a 2000 build of mame but it still plays most of the classics (no CPS2, but yes many neo-geo) and at full speed. You need to have certain romsets, but they're out there. Even in one lump sum download. Of course, you must own all those cabinets or boards. Umm. yeah. Like I do.. Right.. 😉 imame plays quite a bit, many of them are in portrait mode where it looks best.

    I used to want to build a mame cabinet, then a cocktail cabinet, then a bar-top. Each time the investment was too heavy. Seriously, this might not play more recent games but it plays most of the ones you would build a cabinet for. Imame I mean... if you don't have it and don't jailbreak, cross your fingers that it comes back.