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Famitsu Reveals Taito’s ‘Rayforce’; Coming This Winter

It’s always great to see companies with so much history (like Taito, in this case) bringing some of it to the App store. According to Famitsu [Translated], Taito will be bringing Rayforce to the App Store, and it’ll be hitting at some point this winter. (Or, before March 20th, for those of you playing along at home.)

Rayforce is a vertical shooter which I’d guess not many North Americans have much experience with. It originally hit in the early 90’s, with a new name for seemingly every region it was released in, you might remember it as Galactic Attack or Gunlock. Or, you might not remember it at all, since outside of Japanese and European arcades it was only ever available as a Sega Saturn game until PC ports started materializing much later.

[Andriasang via Joystiq]