Dead Space [$.99 / HD] is one of the seemingly billions of EA-published games on sale right now, and it's also received a new update. On both iPad and iPhone, Dead Space now supports EA's polarizing social UI, Origin. In more satisfying news, it also now supports Game Center integration by the way of leaderboards and apparently runs "smoother" thanks to some technical tinkering on the back-end.

If you didn't know, by the way, this portable spin on the ridiculously good horror-action franchise is also ridiculously good. And not in that Game Boy port kind of way, either -- this thing is a full, complete product that has its own feel, mechanics, pull. In other words, it easily stands on its own. You should check it out while it's on sale for $.99 and get familiar. We'll be talking about it again this year.

  • Laszlo Tuss

    There is no gamecenter support!
    They just use it for advertising only!
    No leaderboards or achievements!
    garbagEtronic Arts

    • Anonymous

      Seems that way. Appears in Game Center game list but never logs in. I'd rather delete it than have it sit in my list as "never played".

  • Anonymous

    The Gyro! Use it! (I mean, for other than changing weapon modes)

  • Adams Immersive

    Reviews have me alarmed (they mention that pop-up ads have been added for other EA titles??) but I’ve already updated, so... we’ll see!