This is probably ancient news for the biggest of big fans of Catan [$4.99 / HD] in general, but check this: USM, the same dudes responsible for the App Store port of the popular board game, are putting out a port of Rivals of Catan. This morning, actually, we were told that the "first version" is currently in testing, and USM is inviting its users into a beta to give it a spin.

Rivals of Catan is a card game adaptation of Catan proper built for two players. In brief, it's all about expanding principalities and scoring points for various things in a fairly rapid-fire fashion -- players roll dice for bonuses and draw cards each round, some of which activate a special event or allow general improvements. You can read more about it here, if this is tickling you in any special way.

And by the way, that Cities & Knights expansion is still coming to Catan. A beta test is planned to start at the beginning of the year, and DSM hopes to release at some point around February or even March. Cross-platform multiplayer is also still scheduled to hit at some point after this update, FYI.

  • Anonymous

    I think it's bad form that they are forging ahead with additional games while letting the promised online multiplayer update languish indefinitely. I am not going to buy another game by this company until they make good on their promises.

  • Aaron Baker

    This is a bad port of a great game.  I don't think you guys should link to it without talking about the bugs mentioned in the app store reviews.

  • USM_Software

    Hi everybody!

    Of course, we continue working on online multiplayer mode. We’ll keep you updated about the details, but it’s coming out soon!

    And now here's your chance to contribute to the upcoming Catan Cities &
    Knights App (iOS), because we want your Achievement in the game!

    Development of the next add-on is progressing well and we’re close to the beta test (news on this shortly). While we continue polishing the AI, we’d like to invite you to make suggestions for the new achievements included in the expansion. Post your suggestions as well as a short explanation why you think the achievement should be included in this topic.

    We’ll then choose the ten best suggestions (together with our development partners at exozet and Catan Inc.) and set up a poll where you can vote for them. The achievements that get the most votes will be included in the Cites and Knights expansion!

    The first 5 suggestions will get a download code for our game “Ingenious”!