‘Bejeweled’ Goes Free Via Facebook

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Attention: if you’re particularly fleet of finger, you can grab PopCap Games‘s new-fangled Bejeweled [$.99] for the price of $0. Apple is continuing its crazy promotional program via Facebook, and this week it’s giving away Bejeweled while supplies last. All you need to do to claim a free copy is hit this link, mash a few buttons including a “Like" or two, and then you can download the game for free, like a boss.

We recently gave Bejeweled a spin and came away thinking, “Yep, this is Bejeweled." That isn’t a complaint, either — this new iteration is as good as any in the franchise, and that means it’s really good. Especially in bursts. Give it a shot.

Also, get ready for a bunch of crazy deals in the near future. Ninety-nine cents off is going to be baby stuff compared to what we’re going to see later this week.

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